Weekly Roundup #87

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. A King’s Castle “Bound By Glorious Burden”
  2. We Are The Mighty’s “How To Make Yourself Hard To Kill”
  3. Andreian’s “49 Little Truths To Improve Your Life Right Now”
  4. The Chive’s “Guy Poses As Pedophile On Tinder (But Looks Like Male Model) & It Doesn’t Deter Women One Bit”
  5. Dark Triad Man’s “10 Ways To Calculate Her Wife Value”
  6. Calm & Collected’s “How Sales Saved My Life”
  7. Black Label Logic’s “Gendernomics: Curves & Complications”
  8. Beau Albrecht’s “You Need To Be In The Top 20% Of Men To Experience Sexual Success”
  9. Masculine Principles’s “Sex Sells (Hypergamy Explained)”
  10. The New Modern Man’s “The War Of Art”

Video of the Week

SNL’s “Sexual Harassment Skit”

Recommended Book of the Week

PEAK: The Neuroscientific Way To Self-Improvement by Titus Hauer

Quote of the Week

“Redpill summary.

1. Ugly guys get nothing

2. Mediocre guys have to grind for something.

3. Handsome guys will get something, and may get something awesome.

4. All women get something.

5. All women are like that.”


Cartoon Of The Week

Charles Sledge