Weekly Roundup #85

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Roosh V’s “It’s A Mistake To Always Play Offense”
  2. The Family Alpha’s “The Walking Dad”
  3. Masculine Millennial’s “Carlos Correa, What Are You Thinking?”
  4. Path Of Spartan’s “The Slippery Slope Of Self-Improvement”
  5. Aaron Clarey’s “Studying The Path Vs. Walking The Path”
  6. Troy Francis’s “She Will Always Trade Up If She Can Get Away With It”
  7. Maverick Traveler’s “Freedom Follows Danger In An Uncertain World”
  8. Aaron Sleazy’s “Guys Hit The Wall 6 Feet Under”
  9. Texas Dom’s “Sub-Space”
  10. Black Dragon’s “What To Do When She Tells You She’s Pregnant”

Video of the Week

Joe Rogan’s “Escape Society Or Remain A Slave”

Recommended Book of the Week

The Pink Doughnut Phenomenon by JD McGuigan

Quote of the Week

“Authoring isn’t for everybody. But if you have even a reasonable ability to string words together – if you’re a blogger for example – don’t waste your time thinking your blog is going to make you famous. A book is a far better vehicle for success than a blog.”

-Perry Marshall

Charles Sledge

  • Society Of Stoics

    Hey Charles, I had a plan to start a shopify website that sold basic necessities of your average man where a portion of the profits would go to a charity. I was wondering what charity you think would garnish the most support among readers of blogs in the manosphere? Would you say something like the Mankind Project or Boys to Men Mentoring, or something dealing with veterans or wildlife?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

    • Uh with charities they’re all pretty much corrupt. As far as the manosphere goes you’d honestly probably just be better off keeping the profits. I think the manosphere is jaded and cynical enough to know the truth about charities.

      Could be wrong there but that’d be my guess.

      • Society Of Stoics

        Haha I understand. I have been checking on the profits that charities keep from donations and it is indeed disheartening. Sounds good though. I appreciate the help!


        • No problem and you know there is one charity that helps men who have been false accused of rape and had their lives ruined because of it. That might be one worth looking into. If I remember correctly it’s called the innocence project.