Weekly Roundup #83

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Axtschmiede’s “Sexbots & Our Future With Them”
  2. Kyle Trouble’s “Does Legalizing Prostitution Shift The Balance Of Sexual Power To A Man’s Favor?”
  3. The Savage Lifestyle’s “What Women Really Want Is A Winner”
  4. Western Mastery’s “Why Escaping Your Echo Chamber Is Essential For Your Growth”
  5. A King’s Castle’s “Men Are Creators & Builders”
  6. Vincent Menniti’s “Celebrating Weakness Instead Of Strength”
  7. Constant Growth’s “A Woman’s Achilles Heel”
  8. Reborn Masculinity’s “Attraction Is Not A Choice”
  9. Guts To Rise Above’s “Why You Should Deadlift With An Overhand Grip More”
  10. GKIC’s “Your Rapid Results Info-Marketing: Business Building Blueprints”

Video of the Week

Grant Cardone’s “How To Become A Celebrity”

Recommended Book of the Week

Anatomy Of Female Power by Chinweizu (Free PDF Banned on Amazon)

Quote of the Week

“Keep in mind that in women there is the natural pleasurable impulse to submit to a dominant man…it’s instinctual really… so when you read women who describe such men as “intimidating”, know that the intimidation psychologically strikes women much differently than it strikes men who would be the natural competitors or worker drones of powerful men. When a woman meets an “intimidating” man there is a part of her that is sexually and romantically aroused, and if conditions are right that part will flourish and manifest at the expense of the cautious part of her. When a man meets an intimidating man, he is aroused to fight, fold, or flee, all of these reactions serving in their particular ways to guard his honor, preserve his dignity, and spare his social status. Sometimes even spare his life.”

-Chateau Heartiste’s “Trump Was Right, Women Will Let You Grab Them (If You’re A Rich & Famous Alpha Male)

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