Weekly Roundup #76

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Jack Donovan’s “Waldgang Journal”
  2. Operation Werewolf’s “Simple Strategies For A Savage Existence: The Eleven Pathways”
  3. Good Looking Loser’s “How To Be Good Looking”
  4. Andreian’s “How To Guarantee You Start Your Morning As A Winner”
  5. The Rational Male’s “Mitch’s Red Pill”
  6. Michael Sebastian’s “How “Being Nice” Creates Serious Problems For Men
  7. Jon Anthony’s “4 Common Items That Are Destroying Your Testosterone Levels”
  8. Bold & Determined’s “Why You Should Never Smoke Marijuana”
  9. The Man’s Life “Men Need A Dark Side”
  10. Rogue Health & Fitness’s “Vegetarians Don’t Live Longer”

Video of the Week

“The Collapse Of The American Dream Explained In Animation”

Recommended Book of the Week

The Bare Knuckle Boxer’s Companion by David Lindholm

Quote of the Week

“My advice to low disgust threshold, high T men who want to play the field before settling down, and don’t like the idea of committing the rest of their lives to a road-worn cock holster: Go to the big blue cities, have your way with the women (they’ll be ready), then escape and find your investment-worthy damsel in suburbia, a small town, or rural God’s country. You’re not guaranteed a virgin bride anywhere in America, but you can find more low notch count women outside the shitlibopolises”

-Chateau Heartiste’s “The Cock Carousel Rider’s Lament”

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Lot of good stuff in this week’s round up!