Weekly Roundup #72

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Chateau Heartiste’s “Women Want Arrogant & Confrontational Men”
  2. The City Bachelor’s “Salt Dating 101: How To Sleep With Sugar Babies Without Actually Paying Them”
  3. Shameless Pride’s “Reading To Understand Human Nature”
  4. Titus Hauer’s “How To Create Neural Pathways & Change Your Thinking”
  5. Jonathan Castle’s “4 Lessons From Mankind’s Very First Shit Test”
  6. Kyle Trouble’s “Look For The Yes Girls”
  7. The Way Of Alpha’s “Neck Training: Posture, Protection, & Power”
  8. P. D. Mangan’s “Vegetable Oils Promote Male Infertility”
  9. The Health Realist’s “How & Why The Psychiatry Industry Scams People”
  10. Corbett Barr’s “Debate! Should You Allow Comments On Your Blog?”

Video of the Week

Jordan Peterson’s “How To Rise To The Top Of The Dominance Hierarchy”

Recommended Book of the Week

Efficiency by Wall Street Playboys

Quote of the Week

“We have a society based on presupposed male incompetence, but women still wantthe hypergamic satisfaction of submissiveness that men should provide for them. It’s in their fantasies. Women’s literature from classical antiquity to modernity is characterized by a want for masculine dominance.

This is the great social shit test of our time. In spite of a world arrayed against him, a Man needs the fearlessness of purpose to pass what has become a meta-scale test of hypergamy. The provisioning, support, emotional investment, and security a man could establish that used to buffer Hypergamy are all ancillary to satisfying Hypergamy now. Feminization has seen to it that in defying its purpose you are identified as being less than a man, but still challenges men to be Men by defying it.”

-Rollo Tomassi’s “Master & Servant

Charles Sledge

  • As always great list and a pleasure to be included once again, Cheers!

  • Ivan

    Hey Charles,

    Whats your opinion about Ivan Throne?Have you read his book 9 laws of the dark triad man?

    • Good guys both of them recommend both their works. I haven’t read all of 9 laws yet and haven’t gotten around to reading Corey’s book but from his other writings I’m sure it’ll be great.