Weekly Roundup #71

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Valor For Freedom’s “A Masculine Way To Get Out Of Depression”
  2. The Family Alpha’s “Traditions Will Set You Free”
  3. Stares At The World’s “An Epidemic Of Low Testosterone”
  4. Roosh V’s “Public Schools Are Brainwashing Factories For Children”
  5. Relampago Furioso’s “Male Dominance: Most Women Like Rough Sex”
  6. A King’s Castle “The Need To Fly Solo”
  7. This Dad Does’s “3 Reasons My Daughter Won’t Be A Feminist”
  8. Larsen Halleck’s “Men Have No Excuse To Skip Out On Strength Training”
  9. Rogue Health & Fitness’s “Red Meat Is Health Food”
  10. Breitbart’s “Science Proves It: Fat Shaming Works”

Video of the Week

“Sex Wars: Low Testosterone & Islamization Of The West”

Recommended Book of the Week

The Handbook Of Human Ownership by Stefan Molyneux

Quote of the Week

“Horror Vacui” or “Nature abhors a vacuum”


Charles Sledge