Weekly Roundup #70

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Chateau Heartiste’s “The War Against Testosterone”
  2. Bold & Determined’s “35 Ways To Be A God”
  3. Alpha Jedi’s “The Intersexual Ecosystem”
  4. A Dream That Was Rome’s “Pulling Ladies The Masculine Way”
  5. Dr. Robert Burriss’s “Does Testosterone Really Make Men Aggressive?”
  6. Aaron Mello’s “Healthy Fats For A Healthy Mood”
  7. Primal Existence’s “Are You Living In A Fantasy World Created By Your Mind?”
  8. Nomadic Hustle’s “Growing An Audience Vs. Making Money: A Blogger’s Dilemma”
  9. P. D. Mangan’s “How To Increase Insulin Sensitivity & Why”
  10. Inertia Will Hurt Ya’s “5 Reasons Why I Don’t Sell My Books On Amazon”

Video of the Week

Wise Tradition’s “Why We Need Animal Fats”

Recommended Book of the Week

Grades & Girls by Seth Rose

Quote of the Week

“All hard work brings a profit,

but mere talk leads only to poverty.

The wealth of the wise is their crown,

but the folly of fools yields folly.”

-Proverbs 14:23-24


Charles Sledge

  • A Dream That was Once Rome, is impressing me more than anything else on that list, that kid brings fresh game to the table.

    • Same here, it’s refreshing to see something new and not the same old B.S. and that’s funny I always imagined him as being at least 40 not a kid haha.