Weekly Roundup #68

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Business & Bullet’s “Stop Killing Yourself With Social Media”
  2. Roosh V’s “The Problems With Teaching Men How To Find A Wife”
  3. A Dream That Was Rome’s “Stop Being Her Clown – How Game May Be Limiting Your Masculine Growth”
  4. Troy Francis’s “Why Being Good Looking Is Not Enough To Be Successful With Women”
  5. Blood, Fire, & Soul’s “The Way Of Peace: How To Kill Chaos & Find Peace Of Mind”
  6. Titus Hauer’s “Me Culture And The Magical Belief Problem”
  7. Masculine Millenial’s “Dominate Don’t Control”
  8. Calm & Collected’s “Age Of The Twitter Man AKA Beta Man”
  9. Mark Baxter’s “The “Fix Your Own Ball Mark, Then Fix Another” Society”
  10. Chateau Heartiste’s “Women Become More Promiscuous In Relationships, Men Less”

Video of the Week

Shrink4Men’s “Going Mental: More Dating Red Flags For Men”

Recommended Book of the Week

Baltasar Gracian’s “The Art Of Wordly Wisdom”

Quote of the Week

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Charles Sledge

  • The stop being her clown article by “A Dream That was Rome” deeply resonates with me. I see too many “pickup artists” and “redpills” figuring out how to impress women while pretending not be thirsty, they place their whole well being and identity on how much sex they have.

    It is beyond my understand how they don’t understand that, they are reducing themselves to their penis.