Weekly Roundup #61

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. James Altucher’s “How To Steal & Get Rich”
  2. Jack Ronin’s “How To Put A Bitch In Her Place”
  3. Wall Street Playboy’s “The Five Stages Of Earning Income”
  4. Blood, Fire, & Soul’s “What I’ve Learned From Combat Veterans”
  5. Chateau Heartiste’s “Invade/Invite Is Male/Female Personified”
  6. Western Mastery’s “You Must Prioritize Your Life Mission Before Women”
  7. Dean Abbott’s “You Must Acquire A Taste For The Difficult”
  8. Valor For Freedom’s “16 Signs She’s A Masculine Woman”
  9. Never Slavery’s “Why Celebrities Date Bodyguards”
  10. Dan Kennedy’s “Are You Make A Similar Mistake With Your Business That You Do With Your Mom? (Price Strategy)”

Video of the Week

Spartan Ownership’s Interview w/ Paul Waggener “How To Start A Tribe”

Recommended Book of the Week

Might Makes Right by Charles Sledge

Quote of the Week

“Why can’t the Muslims, Africans, and Indians be more civilized like people in the West? Why do they insist on endless breeding when their children have no chance of attending an Ivy League university? Isn’t there a way we can help them to see the light of civilization, rationale thinking, and clean hygiene? These are questions you may have asked at some point when looking down on the third-world barbarians, but from the perspective of nature, it’s not them who are the problem. We are the problem. We are the defects of nature that will be eradicated…

Nature doesn’t care about your egalitarian laws or your superior IQ. It cares about reproduction and power, and what the barbarians lack in intelligence, they make up for in life energy. We are the anomalies, we are the mistakes, and unless we re-discover the ways of family, tradition, and God, we must be ready to accept the inevitable end that it was us who become so weak as a people that we didn’t even bother having a gate, and that all the barbarians had to do was walk right in.”

Roosh V’s “The Barbarians Will Solve Your Sterile Existence”

Charles Sledge

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