Weekly Roundup #55

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Dalrock’s “Don’t Fear Marriage And Fatherhood, But Beware Those Who Are Working To Destroy Your Family”
  2. Masculine Millennials’s “Red Pill Lessons From A Tinder Girl”
  3. Anabolic Men’s “5 Little Known Benefits Of Having High Testosterone”
  4. The City Bachelor’s “3 Key Influencers Of The Dating Scene”
  5. Troy Francis’s “Use The “One Strike” Rule To Improve Your Dating Life”
  6. Bold & Determined’s “21 Rules Of The Ronin”
  7. Business & Bullet’s “How To Choose Your Personal Defense Weapons”
  8. P. D. Mangan’s “How To Make Lifting Weights A Maximum Anti-Aging Workout”
  9. The Rational Male’s “The Awareness”
  10. Wall Street Playboy’s “10 Rules For Getting Started In Real Estate”

Video of the Week

Strength By Sonny’s “The #1 Thing You Don’t Know About Daily Porn Use”

Recommended Book of the Week

Jailhouse Strong by Josh Bryant

Quote of the Week

“As I’ve mentioned in the past the convergence of feminists and conservatives, especially on the issue of marriage, is quite striking.  Since conservatives lack an immovable reference point to anchor their views, they inadvertently find themselves conserving the radical changes feminists have wrought on our culture.  Feminism is the new social order, and conservatives conserve the social order.  Likewise since feminism is the new social order, feminists find themselves less and less pushing for radical change and more and more working to conserve the social order they have created.”

Dalrock’s “Marriage Of Feminists & Conservatives

Charles Sledge