Weekly Roundup #54

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Andreia Thought’s “How To Become The Greatest Version Of Yourself In 66 Days”
  2. The Rational Male’s “Teaching Slaves To Read”
  3. Red Pill Doctor’s “The Covert Reasons That Women Hate Male Spaces”
  4. Activist Post’s “15 Ways To Detect A False Flag Operation”
  5. Western Mastery’s “Progress Is Not Always Linear, Work Smarter, Not Just Harder”
  6. Business & Bullet’s “How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Has Affected Me”
  7. A Dream That Was Rome’s “Respect Is All”
  8. Reborn Masculinity’s “Complete Guide To Going Out Alone”
  9. Johnny Lionseed’s “How To Cut & Style Your Hair Like A Man”
  10. Jay Campbell’s “Why Boys Need Their Fathers”

Video of the Week

Jay Campbell’s “TRT Optimum Protocols & Estrogen Control Methods”

Recommend Book of the Week

Cruel Hoax: Feminism & The New World Order by Henry Makow

Quote of the Week

“Pornography – teaching people from childhood that it’s normal to watch someone else fuck the person you wish you were fucking”

Business & Bullets

Charles Sledge

  • Thanks for including me in the list!

    I like that quote you have on porn, there! I actually just put together a week long porn cessation course. I’d be honored if you’d sign up and give me some feedback on the writing style, pacing, and impact.

  • Thank you for the referral for my “Respect Is All” article. Just found you on my latest AWSTATS list of inbound links.