Weekly Roundup #52

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. A King’s Castle “Raising Daughters”
  2. Masculine Development’s “How Long Does Success Actually Take?”
  3. PUA Training’s “How Donald Trump Can Teach You To Be More Attractive To Women”
  4. The Rational Male’s “Spring Break”
  5. Jim’s Blog’s “Believing In Male Supremacy Will Make You More Attractive To Women”
  6. Black Label Logic’s “Future Of A Blue Pill Illusion”
  7. Jack Murphy’s “University Consent Instructors Are Hypocrites”
  8. The Barbaric Gentleman’s “You Are Made Of Marble”
  9. Tom Torero’s “”Women’s Day” Woes”
  10. Luke Gilkerson’s “Is Not Masturbating Unhealthy For You?”

Video of the Week

Joe Rogan’s “Chris Kessler & The Modern Healthcare System”

Recommended Book of the Week

Gendernomics by Black Label Logic

Quote of the Week

“It isn’t possible for you to work at something long enough and not get it eventually. Usually pretty quickly actually. If you stick with it.”

Victor Pride

Charles Sledge