Weekly Roundup #50

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Andreia Thought’s “Predator Checking: How Weak & Damaged Men See”
  2. A King’s Castle’s “The 12 Levels Of Dread: An Introduction”
  3. Dalrock’s “Will Wilcox & The Men Of National Review Respect You In The Morning?”
  4. Roosh V’s “18 Self-Publishing Tips That Have Helped Me Sell Over 25,000 Books”
  5. The Head Of Household’s “Female Led Relationships: A Sick & Twisted Abomination”
  6. Graywolf Survival’s “Develop A Survival Attitude”
  7. TD Daygame’s “Primal Seduction Vs. Calculated Courtship”
  8. Strongfident’s “Can You Lose Weight & Still Drink Alcohol?”
  9. I Renaissance Man’s “Books Where To Find Them On The Cheap”
  10. Live More Than You Exist’s “Breakfast With The Reaper: How Dying Brought Me To Life”

Video of the Week

Turd Flinging Monkey’s “Be A Man, Sacrifice Yourself! (Response To Prager U)”

Recommended Book of the Week

Choose Yourself by James Altucher

Quote of the Week

“The manosphere is about man shit.  Not grown ass men hiding from woman out of fear.  Maybe if this guy wasn’t such a piss weak sperg tard, women might realize they can’t walk all over him. If you’re a legit Barbarian Beast you put off those vibes.  Women know what’s up.  They know when they’re in the presence of a real man.”

The Warhammer’s “MGTOW? WTF?

Charles Sledge

  • The Warhammer

    Charles Sledge, it’s your man the Warhammer here, thanks for the shout out on quote of the week brother. There will be a lot more where that came from, I promise you that bro.