Weekly Roundup #49

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. The Savage Lifestyle’s “Declare War On The Modern World”
  2. Wall Street Playboy’s “Men Age Like Wine…Women Age Like Milk”
  3. Human Sock Puppet’s “How To Tease Bitches”
  4. The New Fem’s “How To Get A Woman To Fall In Love With You”
  5. Craig James’s “Mining Out Your Diamonds Of Masculinity”
  6. SHTF School’s “Best Way’s To Build Your Survival Group”
  7. C. S. Sloan’s “Tried & True Workouts”
  8. Corey Savage’s “5 Things Introverts Need To Know About Attracting Women”
  9. Bradley Joe Kelly’s “Full-Body Workouts Of The Legends”
  10. Beppo Venerdi’s “Manosphere Rage”

Video of the Week

RSD Tyler’s “Disabled Man Laughing At You For Your Insecurities”

Recommended Book of the Week

Attack Proof by John Perkins

Quote of the Week

“Females know no limit. They do not check their own behavior but rely on others to do it for them. Females make unreasonable demands to test and extend their power. They do not limit the excessive behavior of other females but will exploit whatever gains their excesses achieve…The answer to the question “What will women do?” is “Whatever they can get away with”.

Simon Sheppard “All About Women

Charles Sledge

  • Scarto argento

    Ah ha! you lika the attack proof ! All kidding aside ,if these guys are giving a boot camp / seminar in your area I highly recommend attending one . Wealth of information and not expensive . I learned a lot from these guys . I would check out there youtubes as we’ll .later Charles thanks for your weeklys

    • Haha, once you mentioned them I checked out their YouTube which led to the book. And will do! Also no problem glad you enjoy them.

  • Craig James

    I’m humbled by the mention on this list and want you to know that it’s most appreciated.