Weekly Roundup #44

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Mike Haines’s “How To Get Laid Like A Warlord”
  2. Modern Life Dating’s “30 Things I’ve Learned At 30”
  3. Andreia Thought’s “An Introduction To Goal Setting & Unlimited Achievement”
  4. Illimitable Men’s “Women Of Substance Are Made, Not Born”
  5. James Maverick’s “Core Business Skills Everyone Must Learn & Master”
  6. Jack Murphy’s “The Calculus Of Divorce”
  7. Titus Hauer’s “Stop Being Imprisoned By Social Conditioning”
  8. A. J. Cortes’s “Guyhood, Or The Avoidance Of Masculinity”
  9. Blood, Fire, & Soul’s “Tune Out The Masses Or Be Ordinary”
  10. Western Mastery’s “Five Steps To Become A More Complete Man”

Video of the Week

Grant Cardone & Brad Lea’s “How Sales Is Important To Your Growth”

Recommended Book of the Week

The Closer’s Survival Guide by Grant Cardone

Quote of the Week

“But not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood.”

-Robert E. Howard

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Grant Cardone is a machine, non stop got a lot of his books
    10X book is great, as well as the book “Obsession”

    • He really is. Read the 10x got Obsession will have to start it soon. On Cardone U now been very impressed. Wish I would have just done this out of high school then got a sales job instead of wasting all that time for a degree in “education”.

      • Johnny Grube

        Got most of his books I also buy the audio version to listen when I drive, I am a truck diver.

        Also just got his play book massive!

  • Thanks for the link Charles. WM is still very new; I’ve been much more focused on content than promotion at this point. I had the chance to read some of your blog posts and I really liked what I’ve seen so far.