Weekly Roundup #40

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Wall Street Playboy’s “Follow Your Skills Not Your Dreams”
  2. The Gentlemen’s Club “To Hell With The 99%”
  3. The Red Introvert’s “Dangerous Men”
  4. Dalrock’s “Headship Game”
  5. Strength By Sonny’s “Think Like A Master, 6 Agendas Of The Secret Elite”
  6. Thutmosis Sonofra’s “Girls With Short Hair Are Damaged”
  7. Business & Bullet’s “How I Lost 115 Pounds In 6 Months”
  8. Return Of Virtue’s “False Prophets & The Narrow Path”
  9. Kyle Trouble’s “7 Criteria A Girl Should Pass To Enter A Relationship With You”
  10. Bren On The Road’s “How I Made Over $4,000 On My First Month On Elance”

Video of the Week

Revolutionary Life Style Design’s “Why You Shouldn’t Buy A House”

Recommended Book of the Week

Shadow MenĀ by Anthony Napoleon

Quote of the Week

“Solitude is the best antidote to social-justice brainwashing. The more you recharge your spirit in the wilderness, the more you will be able to withstand the mass media. Consider the natural world as a sort of decompression chamber from socialist indoctrination. A week alone in the mountains will purge your soul of an entire year of liberal imprinting. The backcountry is where you go to recuperate from all that the humanitarians have done to you.”

Mr. Mean Spirited

Charles Sledge