Weekly Roundup #37

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. The Family Alpha’s “Creating Your Slut”
  2. Pick The Brain’s “This Habit Will Put You In The Top 1% of Experts And Money Makers”
  3. Start Gaining Momentum’s “10 Reasons The Education System Is A Failure”
  4. Illimitable Men’s “Ruminations On Double Standards”
  5. The Deringer File’s “42 Rules To Live By”
  6. Shangri-LA DEE DA’s “The Call To Action”
  7. Alexander Cortes’s “The Holy Grail Of Health Is Muscle”
  8. Christian McQueen’s “4 Quick Ways To Boost Testosterone”
  9. Titus Hauer’s “How To Eliminate Shame From Your Consciousness”
  10. Jon Anthony’s “The Kybalion’s Law Of Use”

Video of the Week

Family Guy’s “Forrest Gump The Beta”

Recommended Book of the Week

The Seven Laws Of Seduction by Troy Francis

Quote of the Week

“Feminists, and women in general, know that any man who actually allows them to regulate his behavior is not a man worth having in the first place, so they are only interested in men that see that the answer to feminism’s constraints is to ignore them in the first place.

Combining the above shit test with hypergamy will result in a winning combo. If a man is successful, good looking, and alpha enough, he has a good chance of pulling another man’s wife directly out of their marriage and family and taking her away. Women are ultimately interested only in their own self interest and that means, when confronted with the best man she has ever beheld, she will go against feminism because it is not in her own best self interest at the time, and instead, be receptive to the man in hopes of snaring him.

Ultimately, women DO still need and want men, they just don’t want to be bothered by inferior men, and third wave feminism does a good job of convincing the betas to stay away until they are wanted for their paychecks by post-Wall NASCAR-style wrecks of women.”

Luke Stranahan’s “Is Feminism A Giant Shit Test?”

Charles Sledge