Weekly Roundup #33

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. The Rational Male’s “Please, Break Up With Me”
  2. The Family Alpha’s “Stop Being A Clown”
  3. Illimitable Men’s “The Red Pill Constitution”
  4. Jason Gaspero “What The “World’s Greatest” PUA Can Teach You About Building A Lucrative Freelance Business”
  5. Jean-Batave Poqueliche “The Most Important Concepts The Manosphere Taught Me”
  6. Roosh V’s “What Is Neomasculinity”
  7. Chateau Heartiste’s “You’ll Know If You’re An Alpha Male If…”
  8. This Is Trouble’s “The Life Of Simulation”
  9. Anonymous Conservatives’s “Why Cowards Are All Hot Air”
  10. Mike Cernovich’s “The Look”

Video of the Week

Knowledge For Men’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

Recommended Book of the Week

Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey

Quote of the Week

“Hardened men make for attractive men, for toughness is a trait that men and women alike covet in men. Almost all respect a hardened man even when they dislike him. At the same time, hardened women make for utterly repulsive beings. They do not inspire desire nor respect, merely alienation. Hardening is conducive to the cultivation of masculinity, but to femininity it is toxic.”

Illimitable Men’s “Women & The Death Of Femininity

Charles Sledge