Weekly Roundup #31

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Elmer Jones’s “Girls! The Work-Life Balance Plan the Feminists Don’t Want You to Know”
  2. Dark Triad Man’s “The Dying Child”
  3. The Gentleman’s Club “A Primer On r/K Selection Theory”
  4. Jack Donovan’s “This Is For Me, Too”
  5. This Dad Does’s “Boys, Male Energy, And The Forces Of Good”
  6. Max Roscoe’s “Motherhood Is Essential To Making Women Happy”
  7. Xan Hood’s “Men Playing Dress Up”
  8. 30 Days To X’s “How Much Information Do You Need To Succeed?”
  9. The Art Of Manliness’s “Man Before Gentleman”
  10. Mario Favela’s “What My Little Sister Taught Me About Game”

Video of the Week

Red Pill Philosophy’s Trump & Women (50 Shades Parody)

Recommended Book of the Week

The Nine Laws by Ivan Throne

Quote of the Week

“Friend zone the chicks you think are special & bang the ones you think are regular. Winning formula. Most can’t comprehend this.”

Ryan Samuel

Charles Sledge

  • Dark Triad’s Man, “The Dying Child”, is a fantastic intro to his book, The Nine Laws. Highly recommend reading it and the actual book.

  • Thanks for featuring my article. I really appreciate it.

    • Hey Neil, found your site on Twitter. Love your stuff. Keep up the great work!

    • Np Neil, was one of my favorites I’ve read in a long time

  • Thanks for linking my essay. You have a clean, professional-looking website with a consistent theme. Good job on that. Will add your site to my blogroll.

  • Charles,

    Many thanks for linking to “The Dying Child” – I just saw this now.

    Much appreciated!