Weekly Roundup #3

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week.

  1. Freedom & Fulfillment’sHow I Quit Masturbating Forever Using Meditation
  2. Postgrad Casanova’sHow to Lead Women
  3. This Is Trouble’s33 Truths About Blogging Nobody Will Tell You
  4. Drawk Kwast’sUnderstanding Women
  5. Honor and Daring’sLife Lessons From Naked & Afraid
  6. The Art of Selfhood’sReady To Quit Your Job & Start A Business?
  7. Vigor & Spirit’sHow To Purchase Your First Gun
  8. The Private Man’sGuys, Prioritize Your Efforts On Yourself
  9. Timo Fischer’sThe Emasculation of Men and the Slave Mindset
  10. Kaizen Brotherhood’s4 Principles for a Successful Year

Video of the Week.

Grant Cardone’s “On Sales”

Recommended Book of the Week.

What to Say When you Talk To Yourself by Shad Helstetter

Quote of the Week.

“It’s not the strongest man who will necessarily lead, it’s the man who takes the lead who will lead. Being masculine means taking risks.”

Jack Donovan


Charles Sledge