Weekly Roundup #25

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Will Freeman’s “The Red Pill Survival Guide”
  2. Corey Savage’s “The Flaws And Future Of The Manosphere”
  3. The Cydonian Signal’s “Don’t Obsess Over The Negative”
  4. Mario Favela’s “Does The Manosphere Poison Your Mind?”
  5. Caleb Jones’s “My Response To MGTOWs”
  6. Corey Savage’s “The Toxic Nature Of Loser Mentality”
  7. Will Freeman’s “Why Positivity Is The Only Path”
  8. Beyond Pickup’s “Decent Critique Of Pickup”
  9. Attraction Institute’s “PUA Vs. Natural Attractive Man”
  10. Corey Savage’s “4 Ways To Stop Being A MGTOW”

Video of the Week

Napoleon Hill’s “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude”

Recommended Book of the Week

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

Quote of the Week

“In closing, if all you feed your mind is negativity, all you’ll output into the world is negativity. I’ve spent the last two years feeding anything and everything into my mind. Now it’s time to filter the negative into the spam folder where it belongs.”

Jeremy Sploosh’s “Evolution Of The Manosphere”

Charles Sledge