Weekly Roundup #15

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Ryan Jackson’s “The Two Types of Men That Women Desire”
  2. Scoundrel’s “I’m Done With Being A Good Boy”
  3. Seth Rose’s “How to Choose a Great Book to Read”
  4. Victor Pride’s “So You Want To Be A Professional Writer”
  5. The Savage Lifestyle’s “A New Man Is Rising: A Man Of War”
  6. Relampago Furioso’s “Wine & Milk: Male and Female Sexual Market Values”
  7. Alpha Is Assumed’s “Outlaws”
  8. Donal Graeme’s “Confessions of A ‘Good Christian Girl'”
  9. Axel Page’s “The Power of Intellectual Curiosity”
  10. Jeremy Sploosh’s “How To Sexually Dominate A Woman”

Video of the Week

Niko Choski & Rollo Tomassi’s “Runaway Hypergamy”

Recommended Book of the Week

Mind Is The Master by Charles Sledge

Quote of the Week

“One of the biggest aspects of my game is dominance, I have a very strong frame and I impose my frame in every aspect of my dealings with women. Where that frame manifests the most is in the bedroom, in how I sexually dominate my women. It’s not a matter of one phrase I say, it’s a way of life. I’m not just trying to put my dick in her, I’m trying to reprogram her brain, to reprogram her dopamine receptors, to make myself like a drug to the women I sleep with.”

Jeremy Sploosh’s “How To Sexually Dominate A Woman”

Charles Sledge