Weekly Roundup #10

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Chateau Heartiste’s “Word is Getting Out”
  2. The Artful Man’s “The Nature of Women”
  3. Relampago Furioso’s “The Law of the Jungle Rules Today’s Sexual Market”
  4. Ivan Throne’s “10 Ways to Calculate Her Wife Value”
  5. Rollo Tomassi’s “Plan B”
  6. Mike Ceronovich’s “8 Traits of Masculine Men”
  7. Jack Ronin’s “Take the Red Path the Path of Blood”
  8. The Deringer File’s “I Am What I Say I Am”
  9. James Lafond’s “Be An Asshole”
  10. Christian McQueen’s “5 Harsh but Truthful Reasons Why She’s Not Fucking You”

Video of the Week

Redonkulas’s “Over Nice, Under Laid”

Recommended Book of the Week

The DJ (Don Juan) Bible

Quote of the Week

“In a world of emasculated men, even those women who demand emasculation of the men in their life remain thirstily on the prowl for a psychologically whole man. When the Roman Empire reached similar levels of depravity as our own society, there was a steady subtext to the lives of the rich and famous. The wives of senators and even emperors sought out gladiators for sex. Gladiators were slaves, condemned men.”

James Laford “Be An Asshole”

Charles Sledge

  • The Nature of Women article touches on something I came to the realization of just a few days ago (Gotta love long nights of fitful sleep. It’s when the mind seems to wander the most). We all know of hypergamy and how a woman can leave one man for a higher valued man, but what I specifically realized is if the woman doesn’t think she can find another man of higher value, she will actively push the existing man she’s with to increase his value. In my experience, it is done by less than desirable means but such is their nature. Your thoughts?

    • Absolutely Unabashed. And yes sleep can do wonders for getting your thoughts in order. Women who don’t have options will push for their man to improve himself even if they have to do so begrudgingly or underhandedly. Women care little for the tactics as long as they start to see the results that they want. This results in a lot of frustration for women when their man “doesn’t get it” as well as “they should just know it”. Hypergamy’s strength over a woman will override just about anything else.

  • Thanks for the mention!