Weekly Roundup #1

Weekly Roundup Girl

Welcome to the weekly roundup.

Each week I will be bringing you the best that masculine self-development has to offer.

The top 10 articles of the week.

The top YouTube video of the week

Recommended book of the Week.

Quote of the week.

I pull from a vast assortment of websites, books, and videos.

So without further ado…

The Top Ten Articles of the Week.

Note: These are in a random order.

  1. This Is Trouble’sThe Best Investment I Ever Made For My Sex Life
  2. Return of King’sThe 7 Deadly Sins of Manhood
  3. Shameless Pride’s8 Reasons You Fail With Women (And How To Improve)
  4. Dark Triad Man’s100 Dark World Lessons
  5. The Single Rebel’sHow To Make Good Girls Horny
  6. Andreia Thought’sThe Five Whys of Andreian Introspection
  7. Illimitable Men’sChampion’s Mentality
  8. Matt Forney’sWhy Feminist Want Men to Rape Them
  9. 30 Days to X’sHow to Create Brilliant Ideas
  10. How to Beast’sWhy Self-Improvement Often Feels Like Backwards Progress

Video of the Week.

Victor Pride’s “Success Rebel”

Recommended Book of the Week.

The Primer by Charles Sledge

Quote of the Week.

“Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way”

General George S. Patton

With Pride

-Charles Sledge




Charles Sledge

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    Very pleased. And very impressed with the extraordinarily clean look of your site. I’ve bookmarked it and will absolutely return to read.



    • That’s insane Ivan. And thanks I appreciate it! Looking forward to more good content from Dark Triad Man!

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