Why Weakness Has No Part In A Man’s Life

Weakness by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book Man Up: How To Be A Strong Man In A Weak World. Enjoy.

Man and women are different. Not just by a little but fundamentally. Like fire and ice. This fact while not approved by our Frankenstein society has held true since the inception of man and will hold true until his extinction. One of the prime differences is as I said in The Primer

“Becoming a man is a process, while a girl may mature into a women simply by biologically aging it is not the same with men. Many males die still boys, even if their biological age may be one hundred.”

Girls naturally mature into women they don’t have to do anything to do so. However with a man he must be initiated into manhood by other men. A woman cannot turn a boy into a man, ever. Doesn’t matter how good her intentions are or how loving, caring, or whatever a woman is. It is biologically impossible for a woman to raise a boy into a man. Hence so many issues with boys (well and girls but that’s a different story) raised by single mothers. They simply are not biologically equipped to do so.


A man will die if he is weak. Perhaps not physically (anymore) but spiritually and mentally. Weakness runs antithetical to masculinity. Despite what modern “men’s” movements will say about how embracing weakness and admitting one’s faults is the way to masculinity they are wrong. Admitting one’s faults does nothing and embracing weakness is disgusting. One should seek to ruthlessly eliminate one’s faults simply admitting them will do you no good.

Admitting to a circle of men that you have a particular weakness while it may feel good in the moment will do nothing for you in the long term. Only by identifying and then fighting tooth and nail against the weakness will you improve and better yourself. Weakness has no place in a man’s life and that includes weakness of any kind. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. A man must have a strong will that he uses to shape the world around him, that he uses to shape the very fabric of reality.

No Mercy

Many have griped about how women get special treatment. For example when a girl hurts herself she is generally coddled and allowed to sit out meanwhile when a boy hurts himself he is told to rub dirt in it or man up and then required to continue what he is doing. This is how it should be. This is the natural order. MRA’s, the “men’s” movement, and Feminist’s would have you believe in an unnatural order where all are equal. A order that has never existed and will never exist. A order when tried to be enforced results in destruction of society and suffering for the individuals in that society.

The world will not show a man mercy and he should not show the world mercy either. A man must thrust himself upon the world and subdue it, same with a woman. Women have no respect and even disdain for weak men. They may not admit it but weak men repulse them as weak men repulse the world. When you were born with a dick you were born with to either fully become a man or to sink to the bottom. Women may be able to exist at a mid level but men do not have that choice. They either ascend and conquer or regress and are defeated.

The Choice

The choice is yours what you will do. Will you grab life by the horns and become a man? Or will you retreat from the struggle and forever remain a little boy? There is no other option, you are not a woman, for you it is either victory or defeat. Conquer or be conquered. Because you are male and this is the way of the world. You can retreat adopting ideologies that run against nature or you can stand and reassert the natural order. It is your choice, it is up to you.

Your choice and the choice of the males around you is going to decide the future. Women simply react it is men who create it is men who shape. It is men who have the power to change society to change reality, should they choose to use it. Never forget the famous words of Edmund Burke

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

Men not women, but men. There is plenty of evil in our society no doubt about it. Up is being called down, wrong right, and true false. The natural order is being replaced by a Frankenstein order that will destroy us all if we let it. Also good men not nice men but good men. Men who are good at being men as Jack Donovan would say.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Excellent article. This post greatly complements an article I wrote a week or two back. I’m going to add a link to your article in the body of mine so readers can get multiple perspectives. Keep up the good work.

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  • Markus

    Thank you! As a man with weaknesses this pos finally gave me the edge I need to kill myself! You are doing me and the world a favor! Thanks again!

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    so would you agree, that naturally, throughout history, evolution, there has to be a rite of passage for guys, men, but not for girls, women right?

    • Yeah

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        what do you think are the specific reasons as to why throughout history or evolution, or dawn of civilization, whenever it started to exist, as to why there has been a rite of passage or initiation ritual into manhood for guys, but no rite of passage for girls into womanhood? are there any books that explain this really well or what? it seems life, society, culture, or throughout history, the world has expected and demanded more of men than it has of women, thats why i agree when you said that women basically just have to exist, or women basically just exist

        • Manhood is something that one is forged into, it doesn’t just happen naturally. While a girl simply biologically matures into a woman. A man must be initiated into and earn his manhood. Many males will still die as boys as not men.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            you think the rite of passage depicted in the movie “300” is a good rite of passage that would work well today? sending the boy to live in the woods, forest on his own? or other types are better?

          • Sure if done properly.