We Were Born To Be Wild

We Were Born To Be Wild by Charles Sledge

There are many facets that distinguish a man from a male and even more so a man from a woman. Facets such as being unapolgetic, being dominant, and being a leader. There is a certain energy that surrounds a man that others can feel and sense, especially women. Much of this has to do with how much a man is fulfilling his biological function. Despite advances in civilization (for the most part) we still retain the same biology that we were created with and that our ancestors have. What makes a man a man and a woman a woman is something that never has changed and never will change.

A large part of being a man is being free. A male who is henpecked by his wife, abused by his boss, and treated like dirt by society will not feel like a man. His testosterone will take a dive as will his manhood. He will feel and weak and feeble. And because our mind creates our reality eventually he will be weak and feeble if he sticks in the same rut. Man was born to be wild. He was born to be free. However unlike in the age of our ancestors where a man was given the freedom to roam, fight, and procreate now we live in a unnatural and unhealthy society that stifles men and masculinity at every turn.

Born To Be Wild

Man was never made to follow the rules. This why a movie like¬†Fight Club¬†had and has such a large appeal to so many men. The feelings of powerlessness and being castrated by a society that could give a shi about you. Man was never meant to be a pawn, to be a cog in the machine. Man was meant to fulfill his place with his brothers in a loyal tribe. To fight against the world with his brothers by his side. Not to rot away in a cubicle and get called into HR for daring uttering some word deemed “improper” by a bunch of soulless yuppies.

My point is man wasn’t meant to live as a castrated slave. Man was meant to live free or die. Not to work away making someone who hates his guys richer and more powerful day by day. However modern society is designed just to do that. However you do not have to live this way. You can take back your freedom from those that would deny it to you and claim your destiny as a man.

It’s Not Easy, It’s Worth It

To reclaim your freedom is no easy task but it is worth it. It is as the cadets of West Point would say “the harder right over the easier wrong”. It takes skills to reclaim your freedom, skills that society not only will not teach you but will tell you it is wrong to learn. Skills such as game, entrepreneurship, and how to fight. Skills that make you less and less dependent on society and more and more independent. Society does not want you to be wild and free. Wild and free men make for poor slaves.

There are steps to take on your path to freedom that must be taken as soon as possible. This is not something you can wait for. There is no better time then now. Your chains aren’t going to get any lighter son. In all liklihood you friends, family, and certainly any woman in your life will be against this (at least at first). Unplugging from the matrix is something they see as dangerous and risky. Better to just keep your head ducked and keep plugging away. But you know better. You know they don’t want you to unplug from the matrix because of the power and freedom it gives to you so they tell you it’s dangerous.

Freedom Over The Illusion Of Safety

Safety is an illusion. Even if you tow the line and follow all the rules like a good slave doesn’t mean you’ll end up alright. Ask the men who loyally worked for a company for thirty plus years only to be canned because they need to diversify the staff more. Or the man who did everything his wife asked and said for him to do only to walk in on her banging some asshole. Or the man who always voted leftist truly believed the diversity is strength and then got his ass beat by some thugs.

You have to rely on yourself you are the only person that you can rely on. Understanding this is the beginning of unplugging from the matrix and taking back the very foundation of your manhood. Safety is an illusion, freedom is not. Take the harsh truth over pleasant lies because it is only the harsh truth that can set you free. At first it’ll suck but you must embrace the such man up and get through it. There is no room in this life for whining or complaining, not for winners anyways. Not for men.


Man is not a domestic animal but rather a wild one that has been domesticated by an unnatural and unhealthy society. This isn’t to say civilization in and of itself is unhealthy simply the way modern civilization is run. You can free yourself from the chain and once more howl at the moon and run through the glades. Reclaiming your freedom is hard but it is worth every moment. Nothing on this earth can replace the feeling of knowing you answer to no one but yourself and that you truly have freedom.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Gotta agree with this sentiment. We are animals, incredibly intelligent and resourceful animals, but animals nonetheless. Just like dogs, we can be domesticated or go feral.
    I must say, I have been feeling a bit of the wild side these past two years. Suburban life has left me feeling cooped up and restless. Need to find me some adventure to get submerged into.

    • Haha yeah it’ll do that to you. Some type of nature retreat works well if you have the time.

      • With three young kids it’s hard to get out. I’m seriously considering pitching a tent in the backyard just to get in the outdoors a little bit. Haha!