Want To Impact The World Around You?…Try Having Standards! (Matthew Schroer)

Want To Impact The World Around You?...Try Having Standards! by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post by Matthew “Matt” Schroer who is looking to see the Southern Man rise with the Red Pill banner. You can reach him at matthewschroer@gmail.com and be sure to visit his blog at Free Matt Podcasts. Enjoy!

If you haven’t noticed, this world seems to be slowly circling the drain. Women have increasingly lacked in beauty, workers can’t communicate, no one seems to have pride in anything, and a myriad of problems.

I propose that there might be a starting solution to this swirl. Simply, try having standards. This is a small jump start for change. The world might not know or care how it is supposed to be like. Let the people of the world know and give them that example.

Declining Beauty

It is a common issue that women are declining in beauty and many women have no clue regarding looks. Guys find themselves faced with women adopting terrible fashion trends and slovenly appearances. One of the best things you can do about it is offer negative reinforcement for the offending trait or adopted trend. Feel free to tell a woman out in public that she should consider growing her hair long if she has a lizard green skrillex hair cut. She should know that her makeup is nowhere near her skin tone. Feel free to tell a SlutWalk participant that an above-the-knee skirt and tailored shirt can earn your respect, not an attempted rape charge.

Unfulfilled Partner Position In Your Bed

Men find themselves without female accompaniment and yearn to have exactly that. A great step toward getting a “10” in your bed is communicating properly. Modern men are failing to do this as previous generations have. Communicate with confidence, as men should. Communicating effectively along with tenants of game will help bring you closer to the goal. Push the men in your life to communicate properly and enforce better standards.

Modern Workplace Has Become Emasculating And More So Blue Pill

Men find the modern corporate environment mind numbing and a potential legal quagmire due to sexist empowerment power plays (or company advertising opportunities). Losing your job slowly while selling out is an ugly feeling. The best way to deal with this is withdraw your support, initiate You Incorporated!! Do what it takes to get out of your soulless grind. If one big fire doesn’t give warmth; several small ones might. You would be surprised what “hustling” might bring in. Small job welding, slugging, and many other types of work can pay your bills. It takes a big jump but reinforcing your beliefs are more important than selling your soul for pennies. The longer you stick with your special brand of PC hell, the more you implicitly support it. Withdraw your support!

It is worth mentioning again that if men took the lead and set standards this world would start to be the place that you want to live in. You should not only be the change that you want, but verbalize what you want. It is time to “fix the sink” and “influence the flow”!

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Charles Sledge