The Unfairness Of The Sexual Market Place & What That Means For You

The Unfairness Of The Sexual Market Place & What That Means For You by Charles Sledge

This is a free chapter from my latest book Get Sexy: How To Increase Your Sexual Market Value To Attract The Girl Of Your Dreams. Enjoy.

If you haven’t noticed nature isn’t exactly “fair”, at least as we have come to understand fair. Nature doesn’t play by the rules set by outside sources and it exploits any advantage it has ruthlessly. Wolves don’t stop attacking a deer because it’s young or female or wounded. As a matter of fact they go after them more because they are easier prey. This ruthlessness applies to the nature in man as well. Most of human history has been the strong smacking around the weak and doing with them as they will. This still holds true to some extent and will always hold true to some extent but has thankfully been mitagated by many devices of man. However when it comes to the sexual market place no such systems of checks and balances exist.

Those at the top, meaning those with the highest sexual market value are disproportionally “rewarded” for that status. A phenomenon I’ll talk about more here in a second. Just like with making money the closer you get to the top the more exponential the rewards are and the easier (relatively) they come. As they say “The first million is the hardest”. What I’m getting at is that things don’t grow linearly. To use a faulty scale (especially when applied to men) let’s say you go from being a 4 to a 6 in terms of attractiveness. You’ll start getting more attention from women and start getting more dates having more sex. But then let’s say you go from a 6 to an 8. Now suddenly women will be pushing to have sex with you and at a much higher rate. Both jumps represented a 2 point jump in your attractivenes scale (bear with me as this scale has many issues) however the 4 to 6 represented small rewards, some more attention some more sex, while the jump from 6 to 8 represented huge rewards. Now going from 8 to 10 would have a bigger impact than going from 1 to 7.

Meaning the closer you get to the top the more exponential the rewards. Granted any improvement will help you out just wanted to point this out. Now as for the scale I suggest you do away with it. It’s especially damaging to men who use it to measure themselves. Meaning they see a busty hot woman and think “Man she’s a 8 too bad I’m a 6” so they don’t even bother approaching her. Which is nonsense. For one a man’s attractiveness is not measured the same as a woman’s (that is almost completely based on looks) so here’s probably misjudging his own attractiveness. Not to mention that there are so many different things that take place that make the scale useless. Especially if you give a girl a 10 rating which then makes her this big deal instead of a girl you just want to have sex with. Instead girls are either Yes – I find her attractive or No – I do not find her attractive.

Pareto, The Sexual Market, & You

You’ve probably heard of something called the Pareto Principle if not I’ll summarize it’s importance to the discussion at hand. The Pareto Principle essentially states that 80% of results come from 20% of actions. This applies to a multitude of fields and areas of study. For example let’s say you took the average sales force of a company (doesn’t matter what company or what sales force). And you tracked how much each person made for the company. Here is around what you would find. You would find that 20% of the salesforce made 80% of the sales. Not only that you would find that 20% of the 20% made 80% of the sales of the top 20%. And you could keep going on like this.

This applies to the sexual market and mating as well. I’ve talked about this before in other books about how the mating game or sexual market is akin to a pyramid. The Pareto Principle holds effect. What this means is that roughly 20 percent of men sleep with 80 percent of women. This is why there are guys who have slept with over one hundred women and guys who lose their virginity to their wives. Women generally take up a place somewhere in the middle. Meaning that a woman will have more partners than the average guy (even if she lies about it on a study, which all women do) while the guys at the top will have many more partners than woman.

So to sum up the sexual pyramid in as short of space as possible. At the top you have the “studs” these are the men with the highes sexual market value and they sleep with the majority of women. In the middle you have women who have more access to partners than the average males but vary in this amount. However even the lowest tier of women generally have access to more partners than the average man. Then at the bottom you have the “average” guy. Average obviously varies so not all “average” guys will fall into here but I think you can get the general idea of what I’m talking about when I use the term average.

How To Use This To Your Advantage

Now some of you might think that all hope is lost because of how low you are on the sexual pyramid meaning you have a very low sexual market value. But that is not true for even the worst cases can increase their value exponentially and live a life that they only dreamed off. However this is predicated by three things. And those three things are knowledge, hard work, and time. With all three except for the worst of cases (which if you’re reading this book and making an effort then you’re not) can make it into or at least near the top tier. And even the worst can make it somewhere in the middle where the majority of women reside.

Now you understand why the rewards are exponentially more the closer to the top you get. Another factor to consider is hypergamy. Hypergamy is a fancy word that describes how women try to attract men that are better than them. So to use that faulty scale (but that is good for examples such as this) female 3-5 will go for men who are 8’s and above. While any woman over 5 will go for 9 and 10’s. Essentially obviously these scales are imperfect (putting it nicely) I’m simply using this so you can understand the general idea here. Women want men that are better and higher than them. Again don’t get too caught up in the scale (after all who would female 10’s mate with?) the numbers aren’t accurate. But it does do a good job of showing what hypergamy is.

Simply put women want men that they think are better than them. What constitues “better” is what makes up the factors of the sexual market place. A quick and not complete run through for women would be feminine behavior, hip to waist ratio, bust size, hair length, hair color, skin color, skin health, and so on and so forth. While we can cover the broad basics of the factors that make up one’s sexual market value understand that this is a very complex topic where things like DNA can be involved. However with that being said hitting the broad things will take care of the rest in the vast majority of cases. Sort of like if you’re trying to lose weight, improve your gut health, and brain function the broad basic of eating a balanced diet will cover all three so there is no need to go into detail of all three if that was your goal.


So life, nature, and the sexual marketplace are not fair as we understand it. Those at the top are exponentially more rewarded than those at the bottom. The reward is not equally or linearly distributed at all, it congregates around the top. The Pareto Principle holds true in the sexual marketplace as it does in others. Namely 20% of men are sleeping with 80% of women. A major factor in this is hypergamy which means the women want to mate up, meaning with men that are above them. As you increase your sexual market value the effects of this get more pronounced the higher that you go. There are many factors that go into determining one’s sexual market value. But by covering the basics and broad strokes don’t have to worry about the milieu for the big things will take care of the little.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge


    This is why it is important to always increase your sexual market value. Aka get strong, get money, improve your style.

    But it is also important to not do this for the girls but for yourself. Because if you do it for the girls then you are basing your sense of self-worth on them, and that is bad.