An Understanding Of The World Unknown To Most

An Understanding Of The World Unknown To Most by Charles Sledge

This is a free chapter from my book The Outlaw’s Handbook: How To Be A Modern Outlaw & Gain Freedom In An Unfree World. Enjoy.

It has been drilled into our head since childhood that humans are good and that have a good nature within them. We are supposed to believe that deep down everyone is really good, just perhaps misunderstood. The existence of evil and/or an apathetic universe is something that goes over the head of the average person. It just doesn’t make sense to them and would blow up all of their fragile beliefs (something they protect no matter how deep they have to bury their head in the sand). The outlaw has been fortunate enough to see humanity for what it really is and the universe for how it truly behaves. Things that most cannot know without spinning into a depression or nihilism or some other weak philosophy.

The outlaw stares at the horror and wretchedness of the world and humanity and smiles. Not because he likes it anymore than anyone else but because he knows his comfort (what little can be had) comes from his own strenght and not the goodness of others or a universe. Humans will slit each others throat for a bit of recognition or a sliver of bread (and that’s when they’re not starving) and the universe does not give a shit whether you live, die, or are tortured for all eternity. No one cares about you any further than it helps them along. This can even be applied to members of the gang.

The outlaw knows that seeing reality and humanity for what it is and they are gives him tremendous power. For he stares at the truth without blinking. And the truth gives on strength. Much more strength than the man or woman burying their heads in the sand. Lying down and rocking back and forth ensures that you’ll lose the battle and be an easy target. You must stare at the horror and be strong enough to survive in it. You must keep your eyes wide open and your wits about you. If you want to make it that is. It is a noble and rare soul that shows true loyalty and honor, making a brother worth a damn one of the most valuable things you can ever have.

No One Is Going To Save You

Modern people have been convinced (among other things) that there is someone that is always going to save them. That some government organization or grevience group will always be there to sooth them and give baby what it wants. And maybe that’s true for them but it’s very doubtful that it’ll be true for you. And even if it was, so what? First off you’re making a deal with the devil. Trading your soul, freedom, and balls for some milk from the infected teat of that diseased beast. And second who says it’ll last and once they’ve gotten what they wanted from you they’ll throw you into the ditch with everything else that has been sucked of all it’s value.

Anyone who is reaching a hand out (that isn’t a brother) wants something from you, without exception. Everything is a transaction and everything is a deal. Generally a deal in which the other party expects to screw you as much as possible without incurring your wrath (if there’s any left). Anything you want in this life must be taken by your own force of will and strength. No one is going to save you, no one cares about you, and no one is going to help you out. Which is fine. We were not born into this world to grow fat and weak like hogs for the slaughter. We were born to be lions, wolves, and eagles whatever animal have you. But one whose life is filled with combat and struggle.

We were made to live not exist, this world is nothing but a passing through. The comfort of this world is largely an illusion and when it’s not is poison. Sweet lies will always win out over bitter truth. An outlaw understands this and walks through the world understanding what is around him, the reality of it. Friends are few and often illusionary while enemies, cowards, and degenerates can be found by the bucket full. Throw a coin and you’ll hit ten. They’ll do nothing but take from you. Use them as you need then discard them, loyalty is reserved for vetted brothers and vetted brothers alone.

“Save” Yourself

If you want something done you do it yourself. If you want something accomplished you go out and accomplish it, plain and simple. The outlaw does not wait for the go ahead or permission from others, especially not authorities (slave masters) who only ever approve of those who will tow the line and be good little slaves (albeit with some more “priveleges”). An outlaw sees what he wants he then goes and takes it. The world opens up for those who are strong enough to force their will. Those who rely on themselves and realize that no one is going to do it for them, no one is going to save them, and the cavalry ain’t coming, ever. You’re here on your own and if you can’t cut it you’re not going to get saved you’re going to get destroyed.

This doesn’t mean that one should throw up their hands and cry, bitch, and moan (which solves nothing). It means you’ve been given the gift of wisdom. No one said it’d be easy and no one said it’d be pleasant but it’s needed. Once you see clearly and you mind adjusts to a more realistic view of how the world works you naturally adjust. Sure some can’t hack it and become cynics, chronic whiners, and nihilists but the strong, the men, the outlaws simply nod and continue. Fighting the battles they must and ignoring the ones they don’t. They world is no longer their concern, they and theirs are the only concern. Let the world crumble it was never a friend (and more likely an enemy) to them anyways.

No one will save you and you don’t have to save those outside your group. Harsh? Perhaps. True. Absolutely. Save yourself. Because when it comes down to it that’s all you really have and ever will have. Use those outside the group (for they will do far worse to you), trust those within the group (if they merit it), but only completely and absolutely rely on yourself and yourself alone. This the way to survive, this is the way to thrive, this is the way to make sense of a cruel, unforgiving world. You can hack it, as always be strong, be smart, be wise, be an outlaw.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge


    The greatest power of the outlaw is his independence and the easiness with which he can walk away.

    If he senses that people don’t like him or sees/hears that they are toxic, then he will leave immediately, without feeling uneasy.

  • Johnny Grube

    People are so weak, they would rather hang out with shit people than spend one second alone!