Understanding These 2 Things Will Triple The Amount Of Girls You Sleep With

Understanding These 2 Things Will Triple The Amount Of Girls You Sleep With by Charles Sledge

Many males have this fantasy of a woman seducing themselves for them. Meaning that a woman is just so enraptured and turned on by him that she jumps on him and rips off his pants like in the movies. Thanks to the weakness of modern males combined with negative influences such as movies, songs, and especially pornography many males have bought into this fantasy thinking it’s the real thing. They think if they look good, dress nice, and smile women will be grabbing them and taking them behind corners or into bedrooms doing all the work themselves.

This allows the male to be passive and weak yet still sleep with attractive women. This reminds me of the fantasy of a fat woman being seduced by a rich handsome studly guy or a old career cat lady who guys throw themselves at. A fantasy that has no bearing on reality and is a matter of fact the opposite of reality. Playing coy and being a weak wimp is a guaranteed way to always end up with your hand at the end of the night just like being fat or a career women is a turn off for men. Here are two principles to understand to get rid of this faulty programming society shoves down our throats and that will get you laid a whole lot more.

Principle #1 – You Must Show Interest First

A woman even if deep down she wants you to bend her over and give it to her like never before isn’t going to be too overt about this. The most you’ll get is a smile or maybe some eye contact and even then even is she’s really attracted to you sometimes you won’t even get that. Women are very convert and don’t want to appear easy or like a slut. Some don’t mind but even those the most they’ll do is put their hands on you and laugh a lot. Even the most bold of women that’s about all they are going to do. Women also have huge egos and don’t want to be embarrassed.

If a guy approached a woman and she doesn’t reciprocate his interest it’s no big deal. Guys are supposed to start the interaction and he still has his pride because he had the balls to go for it and everyone deep down knows this. However if a woman showed interest to a guy and was rejected it would be incredibly embarrassing for her. This has to do with biological traits that would require a book in and of themselves to explain. The man must show interest first to make it safe for the woman to return the interest. The man makes the first move and leads in every part of the interaction. From hello to sex. Even when the man shows interest the woman will still play coy she isn’t going to suddenly reciprocate at the same level.

Principle #2 – A Woman Will Never Seduce Herself For You

A woman will never seduce herself for you. Meaning she isn’t going to grab you rip off your pants and drop to her knees and start bobbing back and forth. Ever. Even if she wants nothing more in the world to bang you she is going to wait for you to make that possible. Seduction for men is an active thing. Women aren’t active in the seduction. Even if you are the studliest of studs and a woman gets wet and can’t even control herself or think in your presence you still need to be the one who makes the moves and leads the interaction to sex, she’s not going to do it herself.

You are the active force in the seduction the woman is the passive. She might say hi, get one of her friends to tell you she thinks you’re cute, smile and wave, stand near you, or touch you arm when she laughs but that’s about it. Most guys are waiting for her to push them down on a bed and mount them before thinking “Hey this girl wants me” and that’s why they’ll never get laid. You have to be the one taking action and being aggressive. You’re the man. A woman isn’t going to seduce herself for you.


Where this line of thought comes from I’m not sure whether it movies where the nerdy guy is seduced by the babe because he’s so cute or pornography where essentially the same thing happens. Get that shit out of your mind. Those fantasies only exist in movies, not in real life. I see so many guys sitting around waiting for women to make the first move. It isn’t going to happen pal, you’re the man you take action. You make the first move and all the subsequent moves as well. Understanding this is going to more than triple the amount of women that you sleep with. So show interest first and take the lead, because a woman will never seduce herself for you and do all the work for a myriad of reasons. Be a man and everything falls into place.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Zoe

    Great article, I can recount many times girls that I’ve lost who were interested in me but I didn’t make a move. As a man it is our job to pickup on the IOIS and take action

    • Yup absolutely. The man is going to have to make the first move.

  • Nikolai

    it’s the truth.

  • Absolutely true, especially about showing interest. If she’s attracted to you and you show just one sign of interest, it’s amazing how much she’ll open up to you.

    I would say the only exception to #2 is if you’re a mega-famous celebrity. The closest thing to that for a man who isn’t famous is if you have a reputation for bedding women and she knows about it.