Of Tyrants & Tellers by Sonny Arvado Review

Of Tyrants & Tellers by Sonny Arvado Review by Charles Sledge

This is a book that I have been waiting awhile to get my hands on. Of Tyrants & Tellers is a masterpiece diagnosing the problems with modern men and more importantly how one can reclaim their masculinity and forge a personal masculine culture. Of Tyrants & Tellers is a book by Sonny Arvado of Strength By Sonny. Sonny’s been writing about masculinity and fitness for a very long time. He was one of the first “manosphere” authors I was exposed to who I really enjoyed reading and clicked with.

I always hope that everyone in the manosphere writes at least a book or two but was not expecting Sonny to cover this topic (though I was pleasantly surprised when he did). The book is broken down into two parts diagnosis and perscription. The first half of the book is dedicated to “culture & chaos” and explains how we got where we are and helps identify what/who is responsible for that. The first part talks about culture, why there is a war on men, the hollywood psyop, how sex is weaponized, and much more.

Of Tyrants & Tellers pulls the curtain back on how things work and reveals the truth in all it’s horror. The second part of the book designated “Of Tyrants & Tellers” talks about how individuals make up civilization (and why that’s so critical), everything flows from health and fitness, the Of Tyrants & Tellers weightlifting program, Conor McGregor’s secret to dominating the ring, how to defeat pornography, and much more. All very important and timely topics. This book is the book that Western man needs now more than ever. Now let’s dive deeper.

Why Is There A War On Men?

One topic that comes up again and again in the manosphere is the war on men. According to the mainstream men are evil, awful, and should be castrated/exterminated. Why is this? What is it about masculinity and manhood that drives the powers that be and the slobbering masses under their control into such a frenzy? Well in a word depopulation. Now Sonny goes into depth about why this is and if you don’t buy this then you really need this book. Depopulation has been on their agenda for some time and attacking men is one of the best ways to bring about this.

The war on men is fought on two fronts the chemical front and the cultural front. Sonny starts with chemical warfare. Everything from the food you eat, to the water you drink, to the products you use, to the very air you breath has been engineered (yes engineered) to make you less of a man and lose testosterone. Flouride in the water, vegetable oils put into everything, and even soy in the damn meat. Chemical warfare is something you can fight against but can avoid completely. For many men the only way to completely combat this through testosterone replacement therapy.

Next we have the cultural war on men. But to be frank it’s a war on both men and women just being waged in different ways. Men are the main target but there is a war of women (real women as in feminine women) as well. From mainstream media outlets pushing the “toxic masculinity” nonsense, to pushing for more soy consumption and less red meat/saturated fat (aka less testosterone so less sex), and pushing homosexuality and other forms of non reproductive sex. Look around you at what is being pushed by the media, schools, churches, and the brainwashed masses and you’ll have a clear understanding of the cultural war on men.

The Hollywood Psyop

Imagine if you could hack into someones mind and broadcast messages in the most powerful form there is (emotionally engaging visuals) to install thoughts, actions, and ideals that you want. It’s been the wet dream of every tyrant since the beginning of time and with the invention of the movie it has arrived. The perfect mass control device is Hollywood. As Sonny points out in Of Tyrants & Tellers “It’s not entertainment, it’s influence”. Hollywood was started to “colonize the American imagination” and it did so rapidly and more thoroughly then it’s creators ever thought possible. Hollywood is and always will be about influence, money and entertainment are simple side pieces.

A psyop is essentially a program to take control of ones mind. Sort of like an regular military attack is to take hold of physical territory a psyop is an attack (though never percieved as such if done right) to take hold of territory in ones mind and set up thoughts and ideals that are beneficial for those that launched the psyop (but not neccesarily for the one affected by the psyop). Regardless of the psyop none are very effective without lots of repitition, as every great propagandist has known a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth and just looke at what the average Western zombies spouts out as truth to see evidence of this.

Sonny starts out talking about movies and in particular the changing in essentially every man’s ideal James Bond. From Connery’s portrayel of a man in control to Craig’s seemingly bisexual presentation. How this man’s ideal has changed as well as how we got from the John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, or Arnold Schwarzenegger archtype to Seth Rogan and other sad excuses for “men”. Sonny then turns to television using The Rifleman and The Big Bang Theory as examples of change. From strong masculine role models to weak adrogynous beta males. Finally Sonny turns to music focusing on rap music. How we’ve went from 50 Cent who despite his flaws was at least masculine and strong to rappers wearing skirts, skinny jeans, and other womanly garments.

Civilization & The Individual Are One & The Same

Change starts from building. From building our own culture, our own infrastructure, our own world. And luckily for us building is something that men are great at. Societies, civilizations, and people rise and fall depending on two things their infrastructure and culture. Powerful civilizations and people have a certain way they do things, an order to things. They are not chaotic they are not “sloppy”. A man to be successful and rise above what is being thrown at him in this modern world needs to have his own personal infrastructure and culture. He needs to be very careful as to what he lets into his life because everything has the potential to influence him as well as his infrastructure and culture.

Our civilization is dying Sonny points out what we can do is build a thriving civilization within ourselves. In this chapter Sonny lays out a guide to build your own culture and infrastructure that will withstand the test of time. He starts with a very important topic your thoughts and language. How you speak about yourself. He gives a list of 19 words and phrases that should become a part of your daily language. Remember mind is the master, Sonny understands this and teaches you how to make use of it.

“Everything Flows From Health & Physical Fitness”

Or as Roissy would say physiognomy is real. Meaning that how you look says a whole hell of a lot about you. Everyone judges a book by its cover. Sonny states that “The ultimate advantage that a man can have in this day and age is looking and feeling his best”. Sonny talks about something I harp on all the time the importance of a man’s pride. Pride is everything to a man and true strong men always have pride in themselves and the work that they do. Pride starts with how you look in particular your physical fitness and muscular development.

As Sonny says “Physically weak and unfit men should not feel proud or content with their softness. They should feel a sense of shame and this shame should be used as fuel to take action”. When you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see that means something needs to change and that you need to take action to change it. Dressing nice and having good posture is good and nice. But looking like you can tear a man in two is even better. Don’t be sloppy and take care of yourself. It all starts with this, everything flows from this first simple but important step.

Sonny also has an in depth weight training program designed to take even the softest of men and turn them into strong masculine men. It’s a split training protocol which though usually I have issues with for the average trainee is very well done as Sonny knows what he is talking about. He lists eleven body parts you’ll train and the best exercises for each one. Sonny talks about the importance of the mind/muscle connection, as well as how getting abs is about diet not ab workouts something many trainers get wrong. He includes squats, deadlifts, dips (squats for the upper body), overhead presses, and working on grip strenght making this a great overall program. He also recommends six days a week training great for making gains.

Of Tyrants & Tellers

The final chapter is called The Age Of Heroes and gives men the path to being the best version of themselves and saving civilization in the process. I’ve only scratched the surface of everything that this book contains. There are also wise words on getting rid of pornography completely and how harmful it is to men and society. As well as how your relation to the physical realm is so important and how to improve this. This book is a great work that all men of our modern day and age need to read and share. The advice contained within has the potential to change lives and get men headed back in the right direction and away from the cliff.

It brings light to many things that have been shrouded in darkness. To things that we knew were wrong but couldn’t figure out why or place our finger on exactly what was wrong. I’d encourage everyone to go ahead and get themselves a copy of Sonny’s great work Of Tyrants & Tellers. Get it, read it, digest it, and then act on what you have learned from it. After all knowledge is only potential power only when combined with action is it power. And it is knowledge like this and the actions it births that will improve your life and potentially save the West.

So if you’re ready to get off your knees, fight against the forces that would enslave you, and start building your own masculine culture then get your copy of Of Tyrants & Tellers today!

Charles Sledge

  • I take a different stance on why the war on men, although mine and the author’s stances are not mutually exclusive.

    Men are natural leaders, risk-takers, independent, and prone to take up arms when they feel as if they are being treated unjustly. Women, meanwhile, typically settle for comfort and security.

    If you want to subjugate a society, which traits would you want to weed out?

    Men are the “wild card.” Pushed too far and violent revolution is inevitable. History can attest to this time and time again. This is why the liberals are actively promoting such nonsense as toxic masculinity, rape culture, male privilege, etc. Its intent is to shame men and suppress their urge to push back when they are treated unjustly.

    • What men are you talking about? The average Millennial man lives in his parents basement. Strong determined alpha men are mostly a thing of the past. And make no mistake, they’ve been engineered to be this way for the last 20 years. What you’re seeing now is the end result of a very calculated psyop by Shadowmen to emasculate men of all cultures, races and creeds. It worked. Look at colleges in America. The average man attending one is a brainwashed low Testosterone stooge fighting for principles he doesn’t even understand let alone relate to. It’s all nonsense. Good on Sonny for writing this book, but he only scratched the surface of what’s really going on. Big Change is coming. For those who have their souls right, it will be time to bust the fuck out of here. But for the vast majority, reanimation in the simulated hologram is a certainty.