Do These Two Things And Women Will Do Whatever You Want

Do These Two Things And Women Will Do Whatever You Want by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book How To Get Girls: The Definitive Guide. Enjoy.

Many men are often surprised when they hear about the things that women will do with other men. Often boyfriends and husbands will lament how their women will not X, Y, or Z with them when they have done it with other men, some within a few hours (if not less) of meeting them (often the boyfriend and husband have no knowledge of this). Other men believe that you must go on x number of dates with a woman before you can have sex with her or that there are certain time limits on what you can do with a woman.

Hell there are some men out there who think you have to date a woman before she will sleep with you. Society combined with women pushing B.S. to protect their reputations has led to many men believing in many falsities when it comes to having sex with women. While it would take multiple volumes to address all of them rather I want to highlight what to do push past (or completely avoid) all of these.

If you are an attractive man, or an “alpha”. Women are going to behave much differently with you than with other men. While they will make other men wait to kiss them if you do the things below they could be riding you within an hour of meeting them (if that is what you want). Put simply women cannot control their sexuality around dominant masculine men. Even when society has severe restrictions against female sexuality the restrictions still were no match for a woman’s biology. Women are always on the lookout for a guy who gives them the “tingles” (aka turns them on).

Take The Responsibility

A woman (unless particularly slutty) isn’t going to take the responsibility for sex. She is going to want you to take it and as a man it is your job to (if you want sex that is). You must take the responsibility for the interaction and whatever happens in it. This provides her with a disclaimer and thereby can keep her reputation in tact (which is what a woman cares about anyways).

When you take the responsibility she can say “It just happened” or “I was swept up in the moment”. Women want to avoid all responsibility for whatever they do. As eternal children they seek to maximize their fun while minimizing their responsibility for any consequences that that fun may bring about. As long as she can “blame” it on you on something else she’ll do whatever. If she can get away with it without getting caught a woman will do anything you want her (or she wants) to do.


In addition to taking responsibility for the act you must also be discreet. No woman wants to be the girl that some insecure guy brags about banging to all his friends. Men who are actually good with women know that one key is to keep everything on the down low. In other words don’t kiss and tell. What happens between you and a woman stays between you and a woman. Don’t share all the intimate details with your friends and never share names. Once a woman knows she won’t end up the topic of conversation next time you and your buddies are having some drinks she’ll be much more open to indulging in her desires with you.

Like I said men who are good with women don’t brag about every time they have relations with a woman. Men who feel like they have to brag about every woman they have sex with are men who aren’t getting very much action. Keep what happens with a woman between you and that woman. As long as you keep everything between you and the woman she will do whatever you want and love every second of it.


What matters to a woman is her reputation. Unlike a man a woman doesn’t care about her actions as long as her reputation remains in tact. A woman will let you do anything with her one night and then pretend to be the perfect wife/mother/girlfriend/chaste girl or whatever the next day at church and think nothing of it. As long as her reputation is safe. While usually this works against men, when you become an attractive man and ascend to the top of the sexual pyramid these dynamics work in your favor. So take responsibility for what happens between you and a woman and then keep in between you two and you two alone and you will have women living out their (and your) wildest fantasies, quicker than you ever thought possible.

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