The Truth About Women’s Biology

Biology and Women by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book How To Get Girls: The Definitive Guide. Enjoy.

I recently read a great article by Relampago Furioso of The New Modern Man about biology’s effect on the dating marketplace. The article is titled “The Law of the Jungle Rules Today’s Sexual Market”. The article deals with the realities of today’s mating world. Unlike in days of past when human (especially female) sexuality was constrained now with no constraints biology has been able to run wild. In essence the law of the jungle is in effect. What this means is that males who operate on old standards such as women will be loyal if you’re married, if you provide for her, or simply because society would shame her otherwise have all gone away. This frees women’s sexuality to do as they please. If you are a man stuck in an old paradigm you will get screwed by this. However this can also work to a man’s advantage. Read on.

Evolutionary Biology

A woman’s mating strategy is dualistic which simply means that it has two main goals. One is to be provided for and the other is to foster good genes so that her children will go on to reproduce. These aren’t things women consciously think about but unconsciously. Just like when a man sees a woman with a nice ass he doesn’t think “Damn those hips are perfect for birthing a child” it’s the same with women. This happens on a unconscious level. In ancient times men who were good providers often were also the dominant males. The best hunter in the pack would also have been the one who took the most risks and asserted himself. However in the modern world things have taken a drastic turn.

Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks

Now men generally fall into two categories. You have the stable nice guys who lavish women with gifts and generally have stable careers to support a woman yet aren’t very manly or dominant, these men are generally referred to as betas. Then you have the other men the “bad boys” who treat women like crap and simply pump and dump them, these men are usually swarming with women yet at some point women realize these men aren’t going to support them, these men are generally referred to as alphas.

So women’s sexual strategy calls for women having their cake and eating it too. So what most women do is get a beta man who will provide with them and they generally marry these men. Then bang whatever alpha happens to come along and turns her on enough. Thereby fulfilling the need for provision and the need for good manly dominant genes. Most would say what about morality or faithfulness or love? My response would be you must not know women very well. Even when society heavily regulated female sexuality women still could not deny their attraction to alpha men. Even when adultery was punishable by death women still couldn’t deny their lust for alpha men. Now that all societal stigma and negative consequences have been waived for women who stray they are free to pursue their sexual strategy to the max.

What This Means For You

Never has it been better to be a man in the alpha category and never has it been worse to be a man in the beta category. Read that last sentence again. It’s very important and the main point I want to get across from you. Luckily for you being a alpha or a beta is a choice. It is something that you can change. Simply by becoming aware of this strategy you automatically get a leg up on the vast majority of males in society. Many who will blunder on thinking marriage or providing for a woman will keep then loyal. When it will do anything but.

Women’s first and primary goal is good genes providing for her or not treating her like complete dog shit is a nice bonus. I’m not saying to treat women like dog shit what I’m saying is that if you’re alpha that’s generally all a woman is going to care about. Hence you have the mass murderers and sociopaths who women literally throw themselves at and you have the hardworking doctor  working on a cure for cancer who’s first wife left him for a man that beats her every night.

So Remember…

Just like you can’t help responding to a thin waist and a nice round ass women cannot help but respond to men who are masculine and dominant. It isn’t a choice. Those are the two things women look for you. You could be an ugly, drug addicted, wife beater yet you would still get more women then the stable, faithful, loyal doctor. Because when it comes to attraction none of those traits that doctor exhibit do it for a woman. As a man (especially if you are a young man) focus on being masculine and dominant then add in the other traits and never expect a woman to respect or want you for those other traits.

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