Toxic People

Toxic People by Charles Sledge

We all have people in our lives that have added tremendously to it. It varies from person to person but at some point we’ve all been changed and helped by others. Sometimes it was a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or even someone online. The point is we’ve all been changed in a positive way because of another. Who knows how my life would have ended up if I was never exposed to the manosphere and was separated from my family.

Though we may not like to admit it often the course of our lives are a lot more finicky than we would like to think. However regardless of whatever situation that we are put in there is one thing that can change the worst of circumstances into success and that thing is your mindset. Your mindset is the foundation upon which the rest of your life is built. Which is why I wrote an entire book on it.

Effected By Who You Come Into Contact With

Your mind is affected by those that you interact with. Every thought that you think has an effect, even if small, on your mindset and you outlook on life. Every time you read a post or a page it affects your mind. When reading good self-improvement blogs such as mine and those in the weekly roundups you change your mind and your mindset for the better. After doing so you are more likely to have success in all aspects of your life. From your career, to your relations to women, to your relation with your own masculinity.

Focus on what is good, pure, and noble. Focus on the truth no matter how harsh or how much it burns. By doing so you improve your life. Only by looking at the truth can you establish yourself on a solid foundation upon which to build the rest of your life. The path to your dreams is not an easy one. And it can be made harder by being around the wrong people, by being around toxic people.

Toxic People

Toxic people are people who are chronically negative and doubtful. They do nothing but bitch and moan and bring you down. They will give you one hundred reasons why something won’t work, why everything is stacked against you, and why it’s pointless to even try. These people are weak and if you let them they will infect you with their weakness. Something a man cannot afford. Not only will they infect you with their weakness but they will also infect you with their faulty mindset.

No one is worth destroying your own life for. No one. When you try to help these people they cling to you and try to bring you down to their level. They feed off of it. Helping them only makes it worse and threatens your own mind and mindset. Toxic people don’t want to be healed they want others to submit to their worldview. A worldview of limit and pain. The opposite of the beliefs and abundance mindset of the successful.

These people have internalized a victim mindset and nothing will get them to deter from it. They draw power from their powerlessness. They wallow in self pity and hatred until they inevitably collapse, which can be intense enough to hurt others around them. Trying to help these people would be like trying to help someone with the plague the only thing it will do it make you (a healthy person) infected as well. Wish them well but do not engage, it is pointless to do so.

Cut From Your Life

Even though it might be painful you need to cut toxic people from your life. Who knows maybe with their victim mentality no longer being validated through your help they may discover that it’s up to them to set things right and get to work. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. If this is a person you love the best thing you can do is no longer validate their victim mentality and cut them from your life.

Your life and wellness are not worth sacrificing for someone else. This cannot be said enough. You must live for you and for you alone. Cut all toxic influences and toxic people from your life and then go mold your life to your desires. Something that you will have trouble doing when you are burdened down by toxic people.

Live for yourself and yourself alone, that is the only way to true happiness.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • It’s a sad fact of life, but you must mercilessly cut those out who do not support you or improve your life. I had childhood friends that I held onto long past their expiration date simply because I grew up with them. They lacked any ambition and belittled my accomplishments, yet still I stayed around. Finally, I had enough and dropped them like a bad habit. Life has steadily improved since as I associate with more ambitious individuals who build each other up.

    • Yeah highschool and long time friends are the hardest to separate with. I was lucky to have a good group of friends who are making the most of their life but there were also many who I had to let go. In the end you must always do what is best for yourself even if it sucks temporarily.