Top 5 Reasons Women Put Men In The Friend Zone (Stefan Simonovic)

Top 5 Reasons Women Put Men In The Friend Zone (Stefan Simonovic) by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post by Stefan Simonovic who runs multiple dating platforms and wants men to know all their is to know about attracting and keeping the women of their dreams. In this post Stefan talks about the top 5 reasons that women put men in the friend zone. Enjoy.

Girls are very manipulative creatures, and they will use guys for all sorts of things, from being their boy toys, driving them around to having someone to go out for coffee with whenever they feel like it. These and many others are the reasons why women put men in the friend zone.

Latin girls are known for having countless guy friends, probably because they have countless suitors as well. The more a girl is hit on, the more she is forced to say no, which leaves the friend zone wide open as a nice compromise.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why women put men in the friend zone.

Reason #1: They Think He’s a Good Guy

Women love to be worshiped, and they don’t care who worships them. Also, when it’s someone who is popular for whatever reason, such as being friendly and helpful towards others, they will not risk losing that person by saying a hard no. They will let them stay in their lives if for nothing else to keep them company when they’re lonely. If the ‘friend’ is a nice person, he will be allowed to stick around.

Reason #2: They Need a Ride

This one refers to younger girls more than it refers to independent women, but girls in general like to be taken care of, and what better way to take care of her than to drive her around whenever she wants. Girls will not discard guys with good resources, such as a nice car and some gas money, but that doesn’t mean they will ever date them. Without many other options, the friend zone seems like the obvious choice.

Reason #3: They’re Not Sure

Women are not the most decisive and more often than not they don’t even know what they want. Sometimes they’ll put a guy in the friend zone because they’re not sure if they like him enough, and because they want to have a plan B in case plan A doesn’t come through. In general, if a girl really likes someone she will want them by her side, not cast to the sidelines, so if you’re that guy in the friend zone the best thing to do is to move on.

Reason #4: There is no Sexual Attraction

‘He’s great, but he’s not for me.’ This usually means a guy is nice but the girl is not attracted to him sexually. The lack of sexual attraction can be for all sorts of reasons, such as her being fatter or taller than him. There are even girls who don’t use guys as sidekicks, but honestly see them as really good friends minus the sexual attraction. If such a guy tried to take their relationship to the next level, it would ultimately ruin everything so he remains in the friend zone.

Reason #5: One of my Friends Liked Him

If a guy dated any of her friends or one of her friends liked him in the past, if she’s a good friend he will forever remain in the friend zone. He’ll be off the table, viewed as an asexual being for all eternity, and even if he were the last man standing she might not even go for him. Given that everyone has been friend zoned at some point it’s simply something that happens, and it can’t always be controlled.

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Charles Sledge

  • Ash

    Good post.

    6. They get off on attention from him, but they know he’s a player.

    This is the guy who is selfish and is always trying to get what he wants with her without having to actually do anything for it, however he’s also the guy who is often complimenting her, liking and commenting on her social media posts, etc.