Top 5 Dating “Rules” Women Wish You Would Break (Stefan Simonovic)

Top 5 Dating "Rules" Women Wish You Would Break (Stefan Simonovic) by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post by Stefan Simonovic who runs multiple dating platforms and wants men to know all their is to know about attracting and keeping the women of their dreams. In this post Stefan talks about 5 dating “rules” that many women wish you would break. Enjoy.

Dating can be tricky, no doubt about it. How long should you wait before calling her again? Which topics are a big “no-no” on the first date? Should you talk about your past or which Snapchat celebrities are your favorite?

But what if we told you that women don’t care much about these rules at all. While most ladies like a man who can behave and one who knows his stuff, there are still some things they would like guys to stop doing. In that name, here are the top five dating “rules” women wish you would break.

1. Planning Everything

There is an age-old “rule” that claims the man should be completely responsible for planning a night out – whether you’re going to the movies or to a quiet dinner and everything in between, it’s up to you. However, a large majority of women would like to be asked and consulted when it comes to planning a date.

Don’t get us wrong here, because we’re not saying that you should just let your girl plan everything for you. What you should do is share in the responsibility and show that you care what she would like to do and where she would like to go.

2. Not Mentioning Your Exes

You how in romantic comedy movies the girl is always bored when a guy starts talking about his ex? Well, in reality, women would actually love to hear details like these from your past.

There is a pretty good reason for this: the girls you’ve dated before can paint a pretty good picture about your “type,” what you like or dislike in a woman and so on.

3. Pay Up!

For some unexplained reason, most men believe that the ultimate act of chivalry would be paying for the whole date. But in this age of equality, women would also like for a chance to contribute to paying the check at the end of the night.

If a girl really doesn’t want to pay a dime after the date is over, chances are she’s looking for a sugar daddy instead of a partner. It’s alright if she wants to do the “check” dance, but ultimately you should split it with her.

4. Letting Go of Yourself after a While

Most guys tend to stop caring about their appearance once their relationship with a woman evolves from casual to serious, which is completely wrong.

The point of grooming yourself and making sure you look good is to impress and “wow” your date, so why should you stop doing it after a couple of dates?

5. Talking about Kids and Marriage Straight Away

While it’s not recommended that you search for a girlfriend only based on her wanting or not wanting kids and marriage, it’s still something that can make or break a relationship – which is exactly why you should talk about these things early on.

Some men believe that they’ll appear as if they’re going too fast if they inquire about marrying and having kids early on into dating a girl. However, what’s even worse is really clicking with a woman only to find out later that she doesn’t want to get married or have kids, while your dream is to have a happy little family of your own.

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Charles Sledge