Three Frames That Create Massive Amounts Of Attraction In Women

Three Frames That Create Massive Amounts Of Attraction In Women by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book How To Get Girls: The Definitive Guide. Enjoy.

I’ve written before about how women can sense a man’s power, meaning they can sense his innate dominance and masculinity. They can sense if he has balls and what kind of man that he is. I’m not saying they can sense it to a incredible degree but they can tell if a guy is the kind of guy who would put them in their place like they want or let them walk all over them. And despite what many believe it has little to do with how muscular a guy is or how well he’s dressed or the best how rich he is. There are plenty of muscular, well dressed, rich males who get used and abused by women everyday.

This is about something much deeper. An inner power and a mindset that permeates everything that a masculine man does. Masculine men interact with women in a number of different ways, they interact with them using certain “frames” if you will. When a women interacts with a man and he is operating from one of these frames she knows that she is in the presence of a strong masculine man and responds accordingly. When you interact with women you should (at least the majority of the time) be operating from one of the following three frames.

Frame #1  – Challenging

You know the males that go along with everything that a woman says? The “yes dear” type of males who walk around with their balls in their significant other’s (or their mother’s) purse. Yeah being one of those males is guaranteed way to repel women like crazy and never get laid. Women thrive on stimulation and always agreeing and being a doormat is a great way to never stir up anything in a woman (other than disgust).

Confident men have no problem challenging women they meet. Sometimes because what the woman is saying is stupid and she has never been put in her place and other times because he enjoys getting a reaction out of her. You should have no problem ever challenging a woman on anything or calling them out. Many times women are just waiting for a man to call them out. They desperately want a strong man they can submit too.

Frame #2 – Commanding

Do you make demands of your women? Do you tell them what to do and when you want it done? If not you need to start. Commanding is another frame that causes lots of attraction in women. Women want to be told what to do by strong men and love serving strong men. A man who isn’t afraid to tell a woman what he wants done and have a woman do things for him is a man who is going to get lots of female attention and more importantly female desire.

When you meet a woman for the first time who ends up in the lead? It should always be you. Women have an innate need and desire to serve but the issue is they cannot serve what they don’t respect. That is why you have weak males who would cringe/laugh nervously at an article like this because they would say their women would never go for it. And they’re right their women would never go for it…with them but would more than happily go for it with a strong man.

Frame #3 – Teasing

This is the frame where you treat all women like silly little girls where you don’t really take anything they say seriously and tease them. Even at full maturity women are still essentially little girls at heart. One popular phrase is to see women as “the most responsible teenager in the house” that’s being a little generous with the majority of women but you get the point. Men who take everything a woman says with the same seriousness and care as if a man said it are fools. This isn’t to say women never say something of worth because they do.

Women love to be teased. Women know deep down that they need to be lead and that what they say should always be taken with a grain of salt (sometimes more like a heaping spoonful) and respect men who know this. You’re the leader and she’s the silly little girl. You’ll know you’re doing it right when a woman tell you how much she “hates you” while giggling uncontrollably and grabbing your arm.


So there you have it the three frames that masculine men take when they interact with women. They are either challenging a woman calling her out and busting her chops. Commanding a woman telling her what to do and making it know they are the master. Or teasing a woman making her feel like the little girl she knows she is and not taking her seriously. Make sure that your interactions with women take on one of the three above and rest assured once you become a fully masculine man that this will all come naturally, though it will require practice if you’re not already there. Just keep at it you’ll get there eventually.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • SnapperTrx

    Another excellent post that should be mandatory reading for all young men.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    i spoke to a guy on Facebook who used to work for RSD, but he works for someone else now teaching pick-up and dating skills, when i told him my sticking points, are that i feel i’m primarily only able to just friendly, platonic conversation, basic small-talk, that flirting, teasing, creating sexual tension, sexualizing the conversation are sticking points, this is what he said to me and provided a good example, let me know what you think:

    “That’s a very common issue that guys have on every single program

    The first thing to understand is that you communicate with a woman in a different way

    Right now, we are communicating logically. We are exhaling ideas and information….with a woman, you are not exchanging information, you are exchanging emotions

    She doesn’t care about the content of what you’re saying, she cares about how it makes her feel

    A woman will feel attracted to you instantly if you make her feel extreme emotions-

    either negative or positive.

    So if I walk up to a woman and say “hey are you one
    of those Mexicans that my evil daddy Trump was talking about? He’s so
    mean sometimes…”

    She will either start hysterically laughing, or she will get very angry.
    But either way, she is experiencing extreme emotions in response to you

    Then it’s a matter of continuing to make her feel emotions while avoiding social errors

    I teach this stuff in a lot of detail on live bootcamps, and I do a lot of demonstrations”

    Do you think what he said was very legit?