Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts Are Things by Charles Sledge

What if I told you that thoughts are thing? That thoughts are just as real as a baseball bat you use to hit a baseball, the car you drive to work, or the sun in the sky? Maybe part of you would say that I’m crazy perhaps another part would agree but only if I meant electrical charges which I don’t. Though it can’t be seen and as far as I know cannot be measured thoughts are real things with real energy. Put another way thoughts are things. They are not vapid wisps of nothingness but rather have power and energy. Just like electricity or the wind.

Thoughts have power. They have the power to change things, to mold them. Your thought projects your inner reality to those around you. You can tell by someone’s posture, demeanor, or to get straight to the source by looking in their eyes. You are projecting your thoughts out to the world and others around you all of the time. You are attracting things that are like the thoughts that you think. This isn’t new age hocus pocus every majorly successful man has talked about the power of his mind and thoughts to get to where he wanted to go. Mind is the master.

Thoughts Are Things

Here is an perfect example of how thoughts are things and how they have their own energy and power. Let’s say you have two men. One we’ll call Jacob and the other Max. Let’s say Jacob and Max are going out on the town to find some pretty girls to enjoy for the night. Let’s say Max has followed my style guide and is looking rather dapper. Jacob has thrown on some jeans and a polo. They go out on the outer alone Max is looking much better than Jacob which while counting for something does not nearly match the power of what is going on inside them.

Let’s say that Max thinks that girls are hard to get, that getting laid is really hard, and that for a girl to even give him a second chance he has to do everything right (hence the dressing up). Meanwhile Jacob is cool and confident, he knows girls love him, and that he is in for a great night as he has a great attitude. When Max sees a girl what is on the inside is going to be shining through. It will be shining through his eyes and his body language. He is going to repel women by his vibe alone.

Meanwhile Jacob with his proper attitude and inner reality could seduce girls with his eyes alone. Which is something I may have to write about in the future. The eyes convey your thoughts and feelings stronger than anything else. When you do this intentionally you will be communicating more through your thoughts and feelings than the actual word you say. For example if a guy was staring into your skull and said “Have a nice day” as he walks slowly away from you. It’s very doubtful that he meant have a nice day. The words that are spoken matter little compared to what is going on in the mind.

Your Thoughts Shine Through

Your thoughts are always shining through. I’m not saying people can read your mind but you general “vibe” other people are going to feel. You’ve probably felt someone looking at you before even though you obviously didn’t see them. Or got the feeling that you were being watched. I’m not saying ESP or something like that exists but I think the human brain has a survival mechanism to detect things people’s intent and such to a small extent. At least when someone is primed for it and doesn’t have their head up their rear.

Another example of this is when a guy goes up to talk to a girl. Nine hundred and ninety nine times out of one thousand it will be so that eventually he can have sex with that girl. It may be through marriage, dating, money, or game and masculinity but regardless it’s because the guy wants sex. Now when guys go up and ask a woman what time it is, where did they’d get their shoes at, or “Who lies more…” the woman automatically knows that this is guy is one disingenuous and two a pussy. He is disingenuous because he is lying about his real desire. He is thinking one thing but saying another.

He is a pussy because he is too scared to be real with the woman. I’m not saying to go up to girls and say  “Hey let’s fuck” obviously but you should tell them you think she’s attractive (if you do) and that you either want to do something with her now or later. Your thoughts are shining through. If you stare hungrily at a woman and when she comes over and smiles at you introducing herself and you then turn away and act disinterested you are going to come across as a liar because you are being one. Your thoughts are always shining through.


Our thoughts have tremendous power. I wrote an entire book about harnessing this power. The reason being this skill is essential to living the life that you desire. Whether it’s having peace of mind, banging lots of girls, making millions, or simply living a fulfilling life. It all starts with your mind and mindset, which means controlling your thoughts and directing them how you want. Your thoughts have power, they have an effect in the real world.

They have an effect on those you interact with, they have an effect on your own life. You must learn to harness and utilize them to get all that you want. Remember your thoughts are always shining through. Your eyes can communicate more than your words ever can, hell even your body language can communicate more than your words. Honestly when it comes down to it words may be one of the least effective means of communicating. That’s because your thoughts say more than your words could ever hope too, so speak the truth.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Scarto argento

    “You should tell them you think she’s attractive ” totally agree That’s the way I am , that’s my true nature . I like to compliment a woman on there appearance as soon as I meet them , can’t help it . Skin , hair , or eyes .not all three at the same time of course . Sometimes I wonder if I’m at a disadvantage by giving such compliments ,I.e. The pedalstool thing or chateu heartiest 10. Commandment rule , never compliment a girl on her looks if your not fucking her yet . Anyway solid piece on thoughts . There’s a Christian mystic I’ve discovered on you tube by the name of nevel Goddard . He’s like motivation speaker from the late fifties early sixtys decade who talks a good game on thoughts and imagination that’s very inspiring . Just thought I’d mention it .and the way this fella interprets the bible is not like most people do in a literal or historic sense , He interprets the stories like they were psychological events or experiences if that makes any sense .later and thanks for the this piece

    • Will have to check it out, sounds interesting. And yeah the whole complimenting thing comes from a black and white mode of thinking. If you compliment a woman from a place of strength and honesty then you’re fine. Like when they tell guys never to smile. If you a complete beta loser than those “rules” are good to help you get better but then eventually being deterministic is only going to get in your way. Thanks for the comment.