Thought Currents or How to Choose What To Write

Thought Current Charles Sledge

Thought currents can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Personally I can think of three articles alone that could be written on thought currents with three very different meanings. What I am getting at here is a process that I have used to decide what I will write to ensure I’m giving my readers the best information that I can. This doesn’t mean this is the only method by which I choose what to write but it is my prime method.

This site covers a variety of topics from masculinity to mindset to attraction and beyond. Because of this in addition to using my own experience I must also look at the experiences of others to insure that you, the reader, are getting the best information possible. As experience is limited I immerse myself in whatever study I am trying to get a better understanding of. I try to look at things from many different angles and take them apart then engineer them back together.

Thought Currents

Instead of writing things from linear causes such as I read a particular book that was insightful or had a particular experience that was illuminating (thought I do do both of these from time to time) I try to look for patterns or currents and write about them. For example say I have an experience with picking up a woman at a bar, I then read about a few others experiences and talk to friends. It would be simple to simply relate what my personal experience is to my readers and hope you found value from that but it would be limited as I was just one man having one experience at one particular time.

However when I take a step back and get more information on the topic I am able to see things from a broader more clear angle. Instead of it being limited to my particular experience I can contrast and compare with others. I can look at similarities and differences and then pick apart themes that run through both. I’m not saying I never write about personal experiences or that there is no value of them, I do write about them and there is much value in them (especially for certain things). What I am getting at is that when I write I try to look for something that is going to make sense for someone even if they are a different age or live in a different country for me.

Let me use an example to clarify.

How to Choose What to Write

When writing a book there is a lot of preliminary stuff that goes into it. For example even if the market for a particular type of book is high I won’t write it unless I have a working personal understanding of the topic. And then after that I delve into all aspects of the topic that I can. For example at the moment I am writing a book on the power of thought. I have seen how changing my thoughts has changed my life and could probably write a very good book about the subject.

However I want to do more than just relate my personal experiences I want to give people more than my own limited view. So I have immersed myself in information about the power of thought. Books, YouTube videos, old lectures, other people’s stories. Anything that I can to find commonalities and differences between our experiences while still remaining true to what I have learned. When I immerse myself in these currents I never have any trouble with knowing what to right as the vast majority of it rises out of my subconscious mind. I do a rough outline and what I want covered and then begin writing. Writer’s block is never an issue.

This may not work for everyone but it is what has worked for me.

Seasons of Thought

The thought currents I submerge myself in vary over time. When I first started learning about masculine self-development naturally my major focus was on banging hot girls not surprisingly. Since then it has branched out into entrepreneurship, culture, politics, societal control, what it means to be a man, renewing masculinity, how to survive in a violent world, science, and of course attraction as well. Everything that a man needs to fully be a man and make use of all the resources available to him. To become the man that he was created to be.

After I have finished the book I will move on to another current for a season perhaps it will be survival something I haven’t covered much in this blog…yet. Or perhaps it will be the acquirement of wealth as I have not freed myself completely from the chains of a job yet. These are all subjects that I have submerged myself in before and will again.

Each time around I go deeper into a subject and come away with a higher understanding of it. That way I can focus while still branching out to other subjects. I have one I focus on but I know when it is time to move on and focus on another. You can never get any of them perfectly, but you can learn more about them almost indefinitely (depending on the subject). Anyways I hope this has helped you and the takeaway I want you to get from this is whatever subject you are currently submerged in, is the subject that you should write about.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge