There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

There's More Than One Way To Skin A Cat by Charles Sledge

So when it comes to picking up girls, getting rich, getting jacked, or really anything else in life there are generally as many theories are there are successful people doing it (if not more). One person says that picking up girls is all about learning game another says that nah it’s all about being a man of value, while another says it’s only about looks and status. And so on and so forth. Likewise with getting ripped one guy says it’s all about calories in and calories out, another says that it’s about quality of those calories, while another says that its about total energy expenditure. And so on and so forth.

Then you look at these guys (we’re no counting the charlatans, which there are plenty of especially in these three categories). All of the guys telling you different ways to get girls are pretty successful themselves with girls likewise all of the different trainers are all pretty ripped. Again let’s assume these guys are legit and they don’t use paid models in their videos and that they’re not on gear. They’re all telling you something different and yet they’re all getting the results that you want. What’s up with this?

What It Comes Down To

The fact of the matter is there is more than one way to do something. There is more than one way to get rich, to pick up girls, to get ripped, and anything else in life. Put another way there is more than one way to skin a cat. Success in any endeavor isn’t an either or proposition. There are guys who have gained success from a multitude of different ways, many through contradicting paths. Not everyone is going to follow the same exact path as someone who is successful for a multitude of reasons. When you understand this it frees you up to follow your own path and not get bogged down by conflicting information.

It speeds up your progress tremendously as you realize that there is more than one way to get what it is you want. There is more than one way to achieve the success that you want in life. There is more than one way to be a winner and achieve greatness. Don’t worry about conflicting advice or if you don’t feel the exact same way as someone who you admire. Look at blogging some get their success through marketing their blog, others through putting out enough content that they reach far and wide, while others from networking with bigger bloggers and getting status from them. All different ways to skin a cat yet in the end the cat is still skinned and that’s what matters.

What To Look For

So when you are out there looking for ways to succeed and get ahead here is what you do when you run into conflicting advice or when it seems like everyone is saying something different. First and foremost you look for similarities between what everyone is saying. If these people are all successful what are the common points that they all talk about. For example if it’s about getting rich I guarantee that they all learned sales and read a ton. Something that from what I’ve seen are two things every rich person has mastered. Alright not every but ninety plus percent.

What you’re looking for is common principles between the successful. Don’t focus on the small things that make them different look at the common things that make them all successful. Maybe one is six foot but another is under five foot. Maybe one was born in New York and another in Kentucky. One is white and one is black. These things don’t matter, what matters it the common principles that tie them all together. The successful in all fields share traits and principles, these are what you’re looking for.

An Example

We’ll use picking up girls as an example as it has always been and will always be a popular topic. From stealing a wife with your best man from a neighboring tribe to picking up girls on Tinder, men will always have an interest in this. Alright not let’s say that we have one guy who talks about how you’ll only get girls if you’re ripped and dress like a boss. Then we have another guy who says that it’s all about spiking a girls emotions and being seen as the bad boy. Perhaps they even talk about how the other school of thought is stupid and for losers.

Maybe the ripped guy uses example of nerdy PUAs getting rejected by girls left and right. Meanwhile the bad boy guy uses examples of jacked guys in suits with no game as he steals girls from them. And if we’re being honest we can admit that they both have good points. Of course being good looking and dressing nice is going to help with sleeping with the women you want. Likewise we all know good looking well dressed guys who couldn’t get laid to save their lives. Also who hasn’t looked at some scrawny PUA type guy and laughed as he gets rejection after rejection. Likewise we see guys who are unimpressive on the outside yet sleep with some beautiful woman.

The Conclusion

So you come to the conclusion, one is that they both have points (as most who are successful do). On the surface (tactics level) they may seem to contradict each other but on a deeper level (principles) they may be talking about similar things and remember they are simply sharing what worked for them. And putting down others is a common marketing ploy (even if you don’t know you’re doing it). The whole us vs them deal.

What you should first do is look at what they are doing similarly. Alright they’re both aggressive, they both have masculine vibes, and honestly if the ripped guy worked on spiking a woman’s emotions a little more he’d be doing a little better. Likewise if the bad boy guy spent some time in the gym he’d probably be doing a little better as well. Remember the great Bruce Lee quote “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless” and look for commonalities over differences.

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