The Top 5 Destructive Things Not To Do On A Date (Stefan Simonovic)

The Top 5 Destructive Things Not To Do On A Date (Stefan Simonovic) by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post by Stefan Simonovic who runs multiple dating platforms and wants men to know all their is to know about attracting and keeping the women of their dreams. In this post Stefan talks about the top five destructive things a man can do to ruin a date. Enjoy.

When talking about local dating, there are so many things to analyze that we don’t even know where to begin, but today we’d like to discuss the most destructive things that a person could do on a date.

We’ve all been on our fair share of dates, and some of them were good, some were bad, and some were just plain ugly. There are plenty of reasons why dates don’t go well. Maybe you were having a bad day or maybe your date was. Maybe you knew you’d be wrong for each other, but there was just no convincing your friend so confident in their matchmaking abilities so the easiest thing was to just say yes. But maybe there was a good chance you could see each other again, but that chance was ruined by something either you or your date did that was so destructive that going your separate ways was the best decision you could make.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what those 5 most destructive things to do on a date are, and why their effects are so awful.

#1 – Talking About Your Ex

Out of all the destructive things you could do on a date, talking about your ex is probably the worst one. Even mentioning your ex can bury your chances of ever seeing the person sitting across the table from you again. People want someone they can have a fresh start with, but if their date is hung up on someone from their past that fresh start is just an illusion. The point is, even if you’ve just broken up with someone your date doesn’t have to know about it, at least not right away. Everybody has a past and baggage that they carry through life, but that doesn’t mean they have to talk about it on a date!

#2 – Being Rude

Being rude is one of the most primitive behaviours known to man, and in most cases signals issues with self-confidence, happiness and upbringing. Happy people who are pleased with how things are going in their life are rarely rude even when someone puts them in a position where there is nothing else left to do but treat someone in a disrespectful manner. Being rude on a date is one of the most off-putting things anyone could do, whether it’s being rude to the person they are with, the waiter at the restaurant or the random people on the street. All they do is display their insecurities and kill their chances of having another date with that person.

#3 – Not Offering to Pay

This one clearly refers to girls, and we have to say that guys don’t appreciate it when girls don’t even offer to pay. No gentleman is ever going to let a woman foot the bill, but offering to do so or at least offering to split it is a decent thing to do. Many women that expect men to cover the cost of a date don’t even reach for their wallets when a waiter brings the check, and there are many single guys out there that consider that extremely rude. So ladies, offering to pay is a must, and if a guy takes you up on that offer you’ll know you’re dealing with a special kind of man – the cheap kind.

#4 – Don’t Be Late

Showing up late for anything is kind of rude, but showing up late for a date can be interpreted as if you don’t care enough for that person. Also, if you’re the one waiting for someone who hasn’t showed up on time chances are you’ll be pissed when you see them and won’t believe their excuse. The best thing to do is at least show up right on time, and this goes for both men and women. Showing up early means the person really cares or they’re extremely punctual, which is fine. Either way, respecting the other person’s time and demanding they respect yours is a mutual understanding you should establish to avoid unpleasant situations on a Friday night at a packed bar or restaurant in which you’re all alone.

#5 – Being Negative

Hating on everything while you’re on a date is rude and off-putting, and nobody wants to hear about what you don’t like about your job, your place or your friends. Being negative about the location of the date, the service, the food and basically everything in plain sight means you’re not a confident person satisfied with how your life has turned out. As a result, most people will avoid you and won’t want to be in your company because people like to surround themselves with happy, positive fellows. Even if you’re going through a rough patch, try to put a positive spin on it while on a date, and you’ll show the other person that you’re able to rise above and problems and solve them instead of whining about them.

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Charles Sledge