The Slave Morality

The Slave Morality by Charles Sledge

This is a free chapter from my book The Outlaw’s Handbook: How To Be A Modern Outlaw & Gain Freedom In An Unfree World. Enjoy.

Ever got the feeling that your mind is not your own? Have you ever wondered why you do the things that you do? Why is it that man behaves in a certain way even though it is against his best interest? Truth be told most of us are living in a zombified state. Our minds and our hearts are not our own but rather a mix of programming and brainwashing designed to get us to act and behave in a certain way. A certain way that was never made for our own benefit but rather for the benefit of those who instilled these notions into our head. For example you may think that there is a nobleness in sorts of allowing someone to take advantage of you without retaliation. Why is this? Certainly this is not something that man was born with (otherwise he’d be extinct).

This docile, passive, and weak nature is something that is fostered in man and all is done to make sure that nothing comes in and breaks it. Those that are truly free and truly men, the outlaws, barbarians, or whatever you want to call them are deemed evil, awful, a whole list of “ist”‘s and “phobes” and ever other shaming word that they can come up with. When all they really are is freedom and a way to break free from the plantation. However we obviously can’t have that so freedom is labeled evil, up down, and good evil. And the matrix continues on, the drones dying out and being replaced by new ones. An endless soulless cycle that we are supposed to not only cherish and be thankful for but to defend and uphold.

We are conditioned to be slaves. Anyone who questions this slave morality is deemed a heretic or evil. This is nothing new, truth be told the mass of humanity has always lived as a servant class of some sort. And the mass of humanity will always be a servent class of some sort. This isn’t to cast hate on them or anything of that matter, simply a statement of facts. However there are also other sides of humanity. There are the slave masters who wish to run the slaves lives and have them do as they want to make their own lives easier. Then there are the outlaws who wish to go their own way and experience the freedom, trial, and challenge of the world on their own. They have no need of slaves and certainly no need of slave masters.

Breaking Free

However to become an outlaw and be free first one must loosen the chains that bind him. Loosen and weaken them until with a mighty pull they can be snapped and the beginnings of freedom achieved. Most men will never know what this feels like both the thrill and anxiety of having freedom before their eyes and within their grasp. The first step is to be aware that many of your thoughts are not your own by rather put there by those who do not have your best interest at heart and want you to be a docile slave that they can do as they please with. Some will be treated half way decently and maybe even thrown a bone every now and then while others will be beaten and bruised with glee as their masters laugh because they know there is nothing they can do.

Much better is the fate of the outlaw, the free man who holds his fate in his own hand. Sure he will never experience the comfort of the plantation but he will experience so much more. So many more things greater and of higher worth. And this all starts with taking measure of one’s thoughts and beliefs. When you sit back and you look at things and you ask yourself “does this benefit me or someone else?” you find that many beliefs and ideas that you have been grasping onto are the very chains that keep you bound. This isn’t to say that every belief you’ve ever had is wrong. Rather that some of your more prized and cherished ones may not be yours at all or for your benefit.

Regardless you’ll only learn this by examining yourself and your beliefs. Question things and see what the logical conclusion is. The actions that you take are they actions that actually benefit you? Or rather are they actions that you do because others told you to do them, it’s what everyone does, or one of the most popular “it’s the right thing to do”. The right thing to do according to who? And does this person who is telling you it is the right thing to do have your best interests at heart? Unless it’s a strong father, mentor, or brother my guess is going to be no. And therefore if the belief has no use for you then discard it.

The Making Of A Slave

From an early age we are taught how to behave. In a natural society this is generally a good thing and even in our society now we are taught many good things. The basics of socializing and things of that nature. However we’re also taught many things that are designed to make up complacent and to ensure that we never question our chains or grow angry at them. We are often discouraged from questioning certain things or believing certain thoughts. At first we may fight this but then eventually we generally give in, on the strongest will carry this independent thought into adult hood. That’s not to say that everything that’s not mainstream is good or that everything mainstream is bad. This concept can be taken to far and many times is. But it is something to think about.

A slave is made when one gives up their self determination. When they accept whatever is placed before them and refuse to ever question if it’s what should be placed before them or the whole story. The slave lives in a dream world, though it may be a pleasant one to the slave. The outlaw, the man, lives in the real world and all that entails. It’s not very pretty, it’s actually pretty damn ugly. But it’s true and it basing your beliefs and mind on these truths that makes you free. You must follow a code that reflects your own values and that is there for your own benefit. You must get rid of the chains that are put upon you by others, the slave morality.

Every outlaw has their code and their code differs from the slave morality of mainstream society as a whole. A man cannot live without something which to base and measure his conduct. This code should be something developed to make you sharp and hold you to a high level. It should be something that is not easy to hold yourself to and that requires challenges and sacrifice. It should emphasize strength and overcoming challenge. Have your own moral system that is first and foremost designed for your benefit not for the benefit of humanity as a whole (a nebulous term) nor for others and especially not for those who would use you as a pawn to be sacrificed and discarded when the time comes. Your code must benefit you first and foremost, that is the only type of code worth following.

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