The Sexual Market

The Sexual Market by Charles Sledge

This is a free chapter from my latest book Get Sexy: How To Increase Your Sexual Market Value To Attract The Girl Of Your Dreams. Enjoy.

When most think of dating and mating customs ideas of romance, flowers, and this thing called love float into the mind of many. While women can often afford to deluge themselves in such fantasies the story isn’t the same for men. For if a man is delusional he’ll get crushed by this world. And this holds one hundred percent true in the dating and mating game. It really doesn’t matter what a man wants as far as the dating and mating game goes. Whether he wants a commited relationship with one woman to be the mother of his children or if he wants to screw a different woman every night the same principles hold true. You see dating and mating exists in an economy of sorts, a market if you will. And this is called the sexual market and those who have the most success in the sexual market (aka with dating and mating) are those who have the highest sexual market value.

Taking a step back this is quite obvious. After all it’s no secret that the football linebacker is going to get more girls than the wimpy nerd and likewise the playboy billionaire is going to attract more women than the unemployed bum. What is not so obvious is how one can maximize their sexual market value. For some reason people think that fate controls their life and that whatever cards they were dealth they just have to learn to accept and live with it. If you were born into a poor family then better get used to eating spam. If you were born without great looks and athletic ability than better get used to dating fat girls. And so on and so forth, however this doesn’t have to be.

While there are certainly limitations on your potential. For example a guy who weighs one hundred and fifty pounds is never going to play in the NFL. People vastly underestimate the changes that can be made with hard work, logical clear thinking, and determination. A fat person can get in shape, a poor person can become rich, and so on and so forth. You have agency in this world, you don’t have to just sit back and let things happen to you. However this only comes about through learning (knowledge) and then taking action, with a bias towards action taking. What I’m getting at is that if you don’t have the best of luck or are at a low spot on the totem pole is that, that can change. And if your toward the top then the information in this book will give you what you need to get into the very top.

Sexual Market Value

Alright so both men and women have something called their sexual market value. And this is were they rate in terms of attractiveness to the opposite sex in the sexual market. So for example a woman measuring 34-25-36 with long blonde hair is going to have a very high sexual market value. Likewise a woman who weighs over 200 pounds and has short hair that is dyed pink is going to have a very low sexual market value. What I aim to show you here is how to maximize your own sexual market value and give you an in depth guide on how to do this. Your sexual market value is one of the most important measurements as far as how far you’ll go in life.

People like attractive people, period. You’ll be more likely to get promotions, move up in life, have people treat you well, as well as what the main focus is getting more sex from women with the highest sexual market value possible. Perhaps looking at it in such a way is a departure from how you normally think of dating which for most males unforunately involved things like romance and love which really have nothing to do with the attraction people feel for one another. A good personality may help a relationship along no doubt but what started that relationship in the first place was the animal attraction that you had for the woman and hopefully she had for you.

So you see the sexual market is much more important than just getting laid. It has an impact on every facet of your life. But of course the biggest impact is going to be on the quality and quantity (if you choose) of girls that you have sex with. Which let’s be honest is a pretty large part of any man’s life. Also I should point out that if you’re in a commited relationship whether dating or marriage that your sexual market value still plays a huge role in your relationship. Plenty of males who let themselves go after marriage and their wives didn’t have found this out the hard way. No matter what you can’t go wrong with maximizing your sexual market value.

The Facets Of The Sexual Market

No matter what way you break it down there are many facets that make up a man’s sexual market value. Also a man’s sexual market value differs from that of a womans. We live in a deluded society that thinks that man and women are equal and the same. To speak frankly they are neither. This will go against your conditioning but it is the truth. To use an example with sexual market value. Looks are the highest thing a woman can do to raise her sexual market value. Take a woman have her grow her hair long, dye it blonde if it’s not naturally, eat a good diet, and start squatting and she can really up her value.

Have a guy hit the gym and it certainly helps but it’s not nearly the sexual market value raiser that it is for women. This is why so many males spend their days grinding away in the gym thinking that if they just get a good body then women will throw themselves at them like men do to women who have gorgeous bodies. Don’t get me wrong getting in shape is very important and a large part of raising your sexual market value it’s just that it’s not nearly as important for men as it is for women. And this book is directed for men. This is just one example.

There are many more. You can see this all around you. There are guys that don’t look that good who bang or date beautiful woman and you think “How did he get her?” usually this is because you are applying what you find attractive in a mate (i.e. good looks) and projecting it onto women who have different attraction mechanisms. Another example of this is a woman getting rich, doesn’t do that much for her sexual market value and as a matter of fact turns many men off. Especially if she had to develop masculine traits to acquire that money and succeed in the business world then it really turns men off.


The sexual market is one that we all participate in whether we want to or not. The failure to compete in this marketplace is the source of many movements that hate the opposite sex from both genders. Failure to compete successfully in this marketplace often leads to bitternes, resentment, hatred, and unnatural foolish lines of thought and ways of living. You’re much better off learning how to succeed then you are throwing up your hands, joining certain organizations, and slamming your head into the sand. Even with your head in the sand it doesn’t change the realitites of the real world.

Realize that humans are for the most part animals. Sure humans are certainly different from the animals and people who say they are animals alone generally have agendas or are deluded fools but no matter what way you slice it humans have an animal programming that the masses run on. This animal programming must be taken into account when seeking to maximize your sexual market value. We’ll dive into that later. For now get ready to learn all that you need to know to maximize your sexual market value.

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