The Road to Success

the road to success

The road to success is one that we all hope to find ourselves on at one point or another. The road to success is the road that will take us where it is we want to go and beyond. The road to success is not something that the majority of people will find. Like it says in the Bible “Small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it”. While the gate and path to destruction and well traveled and wide. Many people have achieved success in their life. People from all different walks of life. Different creeds, races, religions, sexes, classes, heights, weights, and everything else. The successful come from all different walks of life. So what is it that sets someone who is on the road to success apart from the one who is on the road to destruction or mediocrity?

I’m not going to claim to have the ultimate answer as this is a very broad question. One that humanity has been asking since the beginning of time. What I will do is provide the advice that has worked for me on my own path. And that has worked for others before me and will therefore work for you. If you apply it correctly. Sure our manifestations may be a little different but the principles are the same. And it is the principles that ultimately matter.

Thoughts and Your Self-Image

Your self-image is the image that you hold of yourself in your subconscious mind. I say subconscious because if it was held your conscious you could change your self-image literally every second. No, you self-image is something that has been built up over time and cannot be changed instantly. If we have a good self-image this is great as it cannot be taken away from us so easily. However if we have a poor self-image like the majority of the population this isn’t so great because it will take time and concentrated work to change. But there is hope. Because though it may take time and work, it can change.

Your self-image is the habit of how you think about yourself. Meaning if you think you are great all the time and that is your normal mode of thinking (your habit of thinking) then your self-image will reflect that. You will think that you are great. So your self-image grows out from your thought habits. So naturally if you want your self-image to change you must change your thoughts. This can be done in a number of ways. First off simply being aware of your thoughts will help you tremendously as you can stop negative thoughts as they appear. Another is through the use of affirmations. A third way is to read books that deal with the subject of changing your mind. Through concentrated effort and time you will be able to shape your self-image to whatever it is you desire.


Fear is perhaps the number one thing that keeps individuals from living the life of their dreams. Fear is what keeps people complacent and stuck in their ruts. They are afraid to step out because of what they imagine what will happen. Note not what will actually happen but what they imagine or think will happen. Fear is usually not based on facts but rather on fiction. However this does not keep it from having a strong impact on an individual’s life. Fear is one of if not the most destructive emotions.

It will keep you chained and a prisoner more than just about anything else. To overcome fear you must take action against it. Action is the killer of fear. Repeatedly taking action will conquer a fear so thoroughly that you will wonder why you ever felt it in the first place. Scared to talk to women, then drop everything you are doing. Go out and don’t come back until you have asked at least three women on dates. It doesn’t matter if they all said “No” or that you were the worst human being ever. The fact that you did it and survived shows that there is nothing to fear. You now have power. You are now beginning to see that you chains aren’t nearly as strong as they first appear.

Success and the Ocean

Think about the ocean. What words come to mind when you think about it? Limited? Scarce? In short supply? Probably not. More likely words like abundant, free, and unlimited. Success is like the ocean. There is plenty of it and it is not running out anytime soon. So many people get caught up in the limited mindset. Here is an example of a limited mindset. Someone else got an interview on TV from your niche therefore that’s one interview you won’t be getting. You see the success of others and a detriment to you. Every time someone ascends a step it automatically means you descend a step. When this is not the truth. When someone else rises it doesn’t mean that you automatically are lowered.

There is plenty of room for success. Like I’ve said before¬†we do not live in a limited world. There is more money to be made than you could ever hope of making. There are more beautiful women than you could ever hope to meet. There is more happiness than you could ever experience. Let’s say you have a shack on the ocean and run it using water from the ocean. For whatever reason everyday you only need one bucket of water to run these machine that provides all you power to your home. Would you be mad if you saw your neighbor taking a bucket as well? What if instead of a bucket he used a dump truck would that make a difference? No, because there is enough water in the ocean to cover all dry land. It’s not running out no matter how much your neighbor takes.


This is just a small chip off the mountain of attaining success. These are some thing that I have found have helped me in my journey and I hope that they will help you. Success is something that takes time and the right direction to achieve. Everything you learn that is good will help you on your journey and accelerate your movement. Again no matter what it will take time but you can cut down on that time by reading and learning from the mistakes of others, like me.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge