The Importance Of Solitude

The Importance Of Solitude by Charles Sledge

We live in a world that mirrors a scientist’s experiment gone wrong more than it does an organic life force. We are constantly stimulated, poked, and prodded to see how we respond. These responses are carefully written down and saved for study. Humans are studied until we become a faceless mass that when you press A we do Y and when you press B we do Z. Individuality, creativity, and imagination are all being destroyed. All in service to a faceless elite, a one world government, the desire for absolute power even if it costs humans their humanity.

Society, schools, media, and pretty much everything else is going to do everything in its power to make you a sheep and make sure you stay one. They may sedate you with porn, fatten you up with fake foods, or entertain you with mindless TV. Or they will destroy your mind with their insidious music. Every day humans resemble rats in a lab more and more. They respond to all the right cues, check all the right boxes, and become good slaves of the matrix.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Humans have a unique ability. You see many will say humans are just animals but they are only half right. Humans have an animal nature, a nature that the majority of humans will never rise above. In that case it is true that the majority of humans are simply animals. Nothing personal just a fact. However human also shares a nature with the higher. And unlike every other animal in existence humans have a choice how they end up. They can end up as sheep or as lions, all depending on their mind. When a man learns to harness his mind he can be anything he wishes to be.


For a man to develop his independence it is imperative that he goes into solitude. It is in solitude or in testing with other men that a man develops. He does not develop in the society at large as the society at large will always be sheep, even in the best of times. A man must rise above the maddening crowd so that his mind may be quieted and his thoughts flow. Nature, books, and the testing of himself will develop a man more than just about anything else. With being in a group of men fighting and testing himself with them being the only other thing that comes close.

Even then a man must be independent before he can be part of a group, or at least be part of a group that is worth being a part of. Solitude is where a man develops his mind and separates himself from the herd. When we are all exposed to the same things and the same line of thinking it is impossible to not be affected by it in some way, shape, or form. The more we are stimulated by the same sources of propaganda our society pushes the less we can think outside the box and come up with our own unique path.

When you look at how traditional cultures (which at one time included Western cultures) boys would often have to go into the wilds in solitude and prove their independence and worth before they could become men and be part of the tribe as a man. A man first had to prove that he was capable of handling himself before he could be accepted into the group of men. And this could only be done in solitude.

Clear Your Mind

Nature is one of the best places to go to free your mind. To go out and disconnect from the media machine. To not be constantly stimulated, prodded, and poked. But to feel again at a natural rhythm. Not the frantic one foisted on us by those in power. When someone is frantically going from here to there. They never have time to sit back and think, to develop their own points of view. They simply go from stimulation to stimulation, like a pinball in a pinball machine. They never get a chance to get their feet under them as inertia propels them all over the place, right to where they are “supposed” to go.

A man must take time for solitude from time to time. To get away from it all and reconnect to the source of his power. He needs to get away from women, children, and even friends from time to time. He needs to be alone completely. To be alone with his thoughts. So many people go throughout life never being alone with their thoughts. they are constantly stimulated from the time they are born to the time they go into the grave. It never stops, you have to make it stop and take control. Solitude is paramount to your development as a man.

When is the last time you have gone out by yourself and been alone. Have stared up at the night sky alone. Have sat at a fire alone. Have done anything alone? Unlike women who constantly need to be around others a man needs to have the capacity to be alone in this world. To survive and thrive alone. Only by becoming independent will other men respect him. Weak men do not last long in the wilds or in life.


Make time for solitude. To drown out the constant stimulation of the world, to reconnect with your power, and to test your independence and hardiness. Men are supposed to be free thinkers and rugged. When I say free thinker I don’t mean believes everything SJWs tell him too or hates religion as the term has come to mean in America. I mean a true free thinker. A man who doesn’t buy all the B.S. that is being peddled. Who thinks his own thoughts and goes his own way. Be that kind of man by developing yourself in solitude.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Agreed. It’s why I enjoy smoking. It gives me an excuse to step away from everything for a few minutes and just unwind. No TV, no IPhone, no kids, nothing, but me on my porch swing. Even 5 minutes of peace can do wonders to recharge the batteries.
    Granted, you don’t have to smoke to do this, but what is life without a few vices?

    • Haha very true. I often do the same. I think it’s important to be with yourself in the silence especially with nature in the background. Few things are like it.