The Hierarchy Of Nature

The Hierarchy Of Nature by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book Be A Man, Get The Girl: Testosterone & Success With Women. Enjoy.

There are laws to the universe and nature. Laws that cannot be broken but that you can only break yourself against. The modern world is in much of the turmoil that it is in because these laws are being violated and man is trying to enforce an unnatural order on creation. An unnatural order that will eventually be bucked and goodness restored but one that will cause a myriad of problems and suffering until it is thrown off. Nature also has a hierarchy a hierarchy that when violated results in problems and suffering for all who violate it or are caught under those who violate it. Much like the Old Testament things were a certain way and when you violated that way there was punishment.

Nothing has changed although man in his foolishness has managed to convince many that it has. If you feed a carnivore fruit and vegetables no matter how much “good” you think you are doing you are only harming the creature. Your delusions about how the world and universe work do not have an affect on how the world and the universe actually work. You can think that lions should eat trees and that women are equal to men until you can’t think anymore. It won’t change a damn thing delusions are delusions and everyone suffers when delusions rule the land and aren’t kept in check. Here I am going to elucidate on the natural order and what it means for your life.


At the top of all of creation we have God. The creator, father, warrior, and king. The one from which all else stems. Men have been given the privilege of having a fire in their heart that links them to God and gives them a special place in creation. Though they are not in the presence of God like higher beings they can still be linked to him. Man is the pinnacle of all creation that is seen, made after the image of God himself. To be his warriors and emissaries into the physical world. The great kings and warriors of old best echoed the spirit of their creator and are no doubt being rewarded for their brave and noble deeds in Valhalla as we speak.

God had gone by many names but bears the same characteristics. The All-Father, The King of Kings, Lord of Creation. He is masculine, strong, powerful, just, fearsome, and mighty. All traits that are to be shared with his crown of creation, man. Only the most foolish of mankind can convince themselves that God is not the head of creation or that there is no God. God is from which all good stems. All honor, sacrifice, strength, and blood spilled to bring glory to the head of creation. God is the king of man.


After God comes man. Man’s purpose as I’ve said is to further the will of God in the physical realm. Mankind has done this by asserting himself over lesser undeserving males and through conquest and advancement. God is a God of strength and honors strength. All of creation honors strength. Man’s highest goal is to pursue after his mission. What was placed in his heart by God to go out and fulfill. It differs from man to man. Some were made to be great warriors, other great kings, and others great and noble men of other professionals. All were made to be strong. To be a man and embrace your masculinity is to bring honor to how the Creator made you.

Man was never made to place anything but his mission placed by God and his manhood granted by God to earn as his number one goals. A male who places women, status, or material gain as his number one aim violates the laws of nature and God and is punished for it. A male such as that can never stand against a man who is pursuing his mission. Man is to pursue his mission and bring honor to God though the assertion of himself into the world and conquering of his enemies. Man puts his mission first and his masculinity then all is well with man.


Women was not made to serve a faceless corporation or a faceless government. Sure she can do so but she will never be fulfilled and always be empty. A woman was made to serve man and raise a man’s children. That is what she is  best suited for and what she will find completion in. Just like a man who puts a female first will always be unfulfilled and live a poor life likewise a woman who puts a career or something else before finding a man and raising his children will always be unfulfilled. Woman was made to be receptive to man and support him. That is her function, that and raising the children of man. This is nature and this is right, everything else is error.

When nature is followed. When man follows his mission that ties him to God and women follows man then all is well with the world. When these bonds are violated is when unnatural pain and suffering enter. Whether it’s the pathetic male that has let women rule his life or the female who has worked away her fertility for a check or spent her fertile years jumping from one guy to the next. Both eventually have to face reality and reality will not be kind. Everyone is free to choose what they want but they must realize that there are consequences to every choice and sometimes consequences that cannot be undone. This is the way of nature.


Man follows God and woman follows man and all is well with the world. Man reflects God in his might and vigor and woman supports man as she was designed to do. Go ahead fight against this, fight against this with all your might. Nature is stronger than the delusional ways of mankind. What God has put in place man cannot tear apart no matter how much he tries and how much suffering he brings on himself. Man should pursue his mission and his masculinity, the more he cultivates his masculinity the more he becomes like his creator. Likewise women should seek to please man and raise a strong man’s children. To be a man is the highest calling for males. To be a wife and mother is the highest calling for females. This is the natural order and it cannot be undone. God, then man, then woman.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • Ivan

    First of all badass article….Second : i was reading about antifragility and the example of the hydra.I dont know if you have heard of it but it is a very powerfull way to face risks and becoming stronger!It would be cool to hear what you have to say about that.Thanks– a hug from argentina

    • No I haven’t will be sure to check that out, and thanks for the kind words.

      • Ivan

        I m sure you will find it interesting.There is a book about that,and if you dont mind a shortcut there is olso an article written by art of manliness.