The Foundation Of Masculinity

The Foundation Of Masculinity by Charles Sledge

From where does masculinity spring? From where does it draw its power? What is the source or foundation of masculinity? These are deep questions and ones that I aim to answer in this article. Masculinity is something deep, primal, and powerful. It is something that one can feel in their bones, deep within their soul. It is something that can both be cultivated or destroyed. It can be built up and it can be torn down. But how? What is the underlying factor that we are looking for? What is the foundation that masculinity can be built on? The foundation that gives it it’s power.

Masculinity has its foundation in freedom. When I say freedom I don’t mean the Western kind meaning “rights” or where man can do as he pleases. I don’t mean freedom as in freedom to be a degenerate or such nonsense as humans rights. Not that I am against human rights simply that they are a myth, society is based on force nothing more and nothing less. But that is a discussion for another time. No what I mean by freedom is the man’s ability to do as he pleases when he pleases. A man kept under lock and key will always fight back or he will risk losing his soul and his masculinity in the process.

The Foundation Of Freedom

Most of us are slaves. Slaves to money, women, government, or stronger men. It is only through developing money acquiring skills, learning to be an attractive man, and learning to fight that we can truly achieve freedom and therefore a solid foundation for our masculinity and life to be based on. Through learning how to be an attractive man, money skills, and fighting skills one can truly achieve freedom. This freedom is the environment in which masculinity flourishes. Slavery is antithetical to masculinity, masculinity must have freedom like a human must have air.

A masculine man would rather die than serve as a slave. He would rather be broken into tiny pieces than give up the most valuable thing in his possession, his freedom. He would give his life, but his freedom is never up for grabs. It is this freedom that allows one to fully and completely become a man. It is this freedom that allows one to truly experience all that we were meant to experience and become the men we were created to be. The lords of creation. This foundation of freedom is how one becomes a man. Money of which plays a key part in this freedom. Man was meant to be wild, unhinged, and untamed. An outlaw on which the basis is freedom.

Freedom The Goal

Without freedom we have nothing. Without freedom our masculinity will wilt and die. You need to have your own home, your own life, and your own way of living to be a man. You must follow your own path and be free from restraints that would be put on you to stifle your freedom and therefore your masculinity. A man cannot live in chains. If you do not have freedom this must be your number one goal. To achieve freedom. This starts with having a job that gives you freedom.

The best way to do this is to learn sales. Sales will provide you with the money that you need more so than any other skill. Better to learn sales than to learn neurology or some other complicated high paying field. I’d rather be a salesman who knew what he was doing than a doctor who spent a good chunk of his life in medical school (in slavery, unless he loved his work). I would make just as much if no more yet for a fraction of the effort. This isn’t to say sales doesn’t require effort just that the payoff is much higher than anything else.

After money you must conquer fighting and women. Put in other terms you must learn to assert your dominance over men and women. Men through fighting and women through attraction. You must be a dominant man in all facets of your life. This is protection against your freedom. A weak man will not remain free for long both other men and certain women will see to that. Weakness has no place in a man’s life.


A man must live free of the control of others. He must live on his own terms by following his own path. We were all put here to do a certain mission before we leave, anything that gets in the way of that is not for our benefit. As men we must avoid all things that would stifle our freedom while also doing all that we can to maximize our freedom. However you must also keep in mind freedom for the simple sake of freedom is not the end goal. Rather freedom is the foundation upon which to build your masculinity and then your life. Freedom isn’t an excuse to piddle around doing nothing with your life and time.

Remember without freedom we have nothing. Take the steps needed to achieve a life of freedom so that you can develop your masculinity to new heights. Freedom is the foundation on which the good life, happiness, and your masculinity is built. Cherish it for what it is. And if you do not have it, then achieving it should be your number one goal.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge