The Catalyst For Success

The Catalyst For Success by Charles Sledge

This is a weekly column by Placide Buduri who writes at Constant Growth where he talks about business, mindset, living a healthy lifestyle, and dating for men. In this first column Placide is going to talk about the catalyst for success, exactly what it is and how to go about achieving it. Enjoy.

We consistently encourage people to start their own business. We ensure them if X and Y made it, there is a bigger chance of them making it as well. As partially true that maybe, most people do not possess the spine and the courage to take necessary steps in becoming successful. Whether it’s business, dating or improving their wealth being. Instead, what is the majority do? they soak in the information presented to them, as you are doing right now, and later on, they do not take action of whichever advice or recipe are provided to them. The sad truth is you could give some people a catalyst for success and they would still struggle. For beginners, let’s try this simple example, yet difficult formula:

I+A+ C= Results. Let’s name I = information, A=action, and C= consistency.

Don’t be afraid to fail & learn from your mistakes.

The issue is that most people have not allowed their mind to process what it takes to succeed. Once you allow your mind to process the possibility to succeed, your behavior starts changing accordingly. For example, you earn $3,000 every two weeks, and you want to increase that to $5,000. It will never happen until you allow your mind to understand that it is possible for you to earn that much.

A year ago I was living in a shitty neighborhood because I believed that’s all I could afford. When I allow my mind to envision myself living in a much better place, my behavior started changing, I looked for a new job with a belief that I deserve to earn much more. A few months later, I got the job, I moved to a much better neighborhood. Yes, I am paying slightly more, however, I am also earning more than I did a year ago. The goal is to keep growing, despite all the obstacles.

There are few catalysts shared by the most successful. I have applied them myself with guaranteed results and most of the readers can vouch on my behalf.

Train your mind as you train any other muscle for development

The mind is the catalyst of all outcome. Your mind can stir you in any direction, so be very careful what you expose your mind to. Plenty of articles and books have been written about the mind. Charles Sledge wrote Mind Is the Master, an extremely powerful guide. Neither I say more.

Have A Realistic Plan

Frankly, most of our plans are always unrealistic. One good friend advised me to have a big plan, then break it into days, weeks, months then years. Meaning that, what can you do to get closer to your goal starting tomorrow? what about a week from now, a month, then a year. You would be surprised on how much you can accomplish when you have a plan and are taking action toward your plan each day.

Let’s say you wanted to make an extra $30,000 in a year on top of your tax return paycheck. You would start saving on your very next paycheck, you would cut back on few spending (spend money on what you need, not what you want) you would find a secondary stream of income. A key to achieve any goal will involve sacrifice, strategic planning, and discipline…challenge yourself, refuse to be average.

Surround Yourself With Those Who Can Help You Improve.

A few years back, it was all about popularity contest or who has more friends. We honestly gave less fuck who we hang out with as long as they were deemed “cool” That trend still exist on social media, where we follow people who add no value to our growth, and it’s one of the top reasons most people remain stagnant in life. It’s best to cut ties with people who do not add any value to your life. Find people who are hungry for success as you are, people who will motivate you when you are starting to doubt yourself. Believe it or not, success is much sweeter than begging for money or sleeping on your buddy’s couch. Success will open up so many doors you didn’t know existed. You will find yourself in cool places you never dream of visiting.

Summing Up

Books, articles have been written about this topic, and yet people keep failing. If/When you do fail after an attempt, assess the reason for your failures. Consider your failures as a lesson, not a defeat. Maybe you failed because your goal was unrealistic, so make your goal realistic. Maybe you did not have a solid realistic plan, so write down your plan, make it realistic enough. Did you have any deadlines for your goal? create deadlines to help you avoid procrastination. Look around your circle, who are dragging you down? never be afraid to cut ties with people who aren’t adding value to your life.

Action is the foundational key to all success. — Pablo Picasso

Till next Time.

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-Charles Sledge

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