How To Talk Like A Man

How To Talk Like A Man by Charles Sledge

What does it men to talk like a man? Does it mean to say “bro” a lot as well as curse as much as possible? No, not at all. Does it mean to always use polite language and be respectful of women? Fuck no. I bring up two examples because they are ones I’ve heard before and made me write this article. In case you haven’t noticed males today aren’t the best at communicating with one another (not that women are much better). Once schools taught rhetoric but it was done away with (probably to make room for gender-queer studies).

If you watch a show like Mad Men you’ll notice that the characters have a way of talking and addressing one another that we do not nowadays. Not that the show is a perfect example but I think you’ll understand what I’m getting at. Point is males need to be taught how to talk like a man instead of a little boy. I hit on this topic (albeit lightly) in my article How To Go From Dud To Stud Instantly but wanted to expand on it here. There is a certain way that a man talks that distinguishes himself from the beta hordes. Here is what it is.

Men Project When They Talk

What I mean by this is when a man speaks he makes sure he is heard. He use adequete volume. This does not mean he goes around yelling and shouting but rather he uses enough force to make sure he is heard. He uses the right amount of volume. He doesn’t whisper like so many males do nowadays. He isn’t afraid to be heard and this can be heard from the way he talks. Again not yelling but projecting.

No one should ever have to ask “What did you say?”. Obviously this requires calibration in a loud environment such as a football game it may require yelling while in a dinner it may just require talking with some force behind it. When you project you are going to speaking from your “chest” voice and not your “nose” voice. Your chest voice has much more power and is deeper sounding and is how men are supposed to talk.

Men Enunciate When They Talk

How many people do you know who mumble when they talk. They say something and you’re lef scrambling to figure out just what the hell it is that they said. Cut this shit out. When you speak enunciate every word and syllable. Make it clear what you say and what you mean. Don’t mumble or put words together give every word the space that it needs. You don’t have to sound like a phoenetics track but make sure that every syllable is said completely and fully.

Mumbling is when you put your words together and don’t give them the space that they need. Respect every word that comes out of your mouth. If you’re taking the time to say it, then it is worth listening too. People who mumble also come across as being scared that people will hear what they are saying or that they are used to being ignored so don’t put the time and effort into speaking correctly. Neither of which is very masculine. Enunciate every word.

Men Talk Slowly

Men take time with what they have to say. They aren’t rushed nor are they nervous. The let words linger and don’t mind if there is gaps in what they are saying. They assume others will hang on their every word and because of this assumption they generally do. Take time with your words and sentences. Don’t be afraid to put pauses and breaks in there if needed. You’ve probably heard males who speak as if if they don’t get everything out with one breath they’ll explode.

This is not confident behavior and therefore not masculine. It makes you sound weak and afraid.¬†Weak males are always worried about being interrupted so they hurry their words. While men speak slowly because they know they will be heard not to mention this improves comprehension of what you say. Point is talk slowly and take your time. The vast majority of people talk way too fast. Especially when they’re in front of a crowd. Slow down your speech.


So there you have it, three simple easy to follow tips to sound more masculine as well as be a better speaker. I think rhetoric is a very important skill and one that all men need to master at one point or another. For some reason communication gets billed as something for women why this is I have no idea especially since all the greatest communicators and networkers throughout history have always been men. Point is you must learn to communicate both in the written word and in face to face interactions.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Old Goat

    Excellent article. I’ve noticed the majority of people speak very rapidly, afraid to take a breath because they know the other person is only waiting for them to pause so they can talk. It’s rare to find someone that actually listens. Most people just talk right over the top of each other like the current majority of “debate” programs and talk shows.

  • jeff modlin

    Just go watch as many John Wayne westerns as you can…. The Duke could talk.