Take The Market For What It Is, Not What You Want It To Be

Take The Market For What It Is, Not What You Want It To Be by Charles Sledge

First off this isn’t an article about the economy being bad or anything of that nature. The smartest and strongest businessmen thrive even in the worst of times. During the depression while the weak were lining up for bread the strong were expanding their business like never before because of the lack of competition and the desperation for jobs. Perhaps that sounds harsh but it is reality. Alright here is what this article is about. In business we want to make money and in order to make money we have to give the marketplace what it wants.

Let me explain. In business you have to get rid of your ideals and instead respond to the marketplace. This doesn’t mean become a crook or lose your morality rather it means understand who and what humans are and respond to that. For example people would much rather have pleasant lies over the bitter truth even if the bitter truth is better for them. Doesn’t mean you have to lie just understand you better dress up the bitter truth in ribbons and bows if you want to get anything from it.

Cure Not Prevention

Who makes more money? The guy who talks about preventive medicine and sells books on the subject telling people everything that they need to know to live a long and healthy life. Or the charlatan who tells them to pop a pill and everything will be all right? Of course the charlatan who is pushing his brand of pills. This is because there is a lot more money to be made in cures then there is to be made in prevention. People don’t want to do the hard work it requires to prevent something they want a quick fix once it’s too late.

What would people rather do? Get a expensive surgery that removes fat or stop eating donuts every damn day? Well the surgery of course. People want easy cures not prevention. And as men who live our lives at a higher level this can be frustrating when we see people go into the same loops over and over again. It’s like every time someone buys a new car and wrecks it they just get another instead of learning to drive. There is more money to be made in new cars then in driving lessons.

Mundane Over Deep

I want to make a decent living from this site. No it’s not my only source of income but I want to make at least a couple grand a month from book sales and affiliate marketing just to prove to myself that I can. Here’s the thing while I’d like to always write about things like masculinity, strength, and honor the fact of the matter is most people (including men) could care less. If I write an article “10 Tips To Increase Your Bench Press” it’s going to get 10x the traffic that an article titled “How To Form An Honor Group”. Despite the fact the in the grand scheme of being a man your bench press is meaningless.

Here are some other things “How To Get Ripped Abs To Get Girls” alright I’ll never write that one for a variety of reasons. The prime one being “ripped abs” won’t get you girls. Or “The Top 20 Supplements Every Man Should Use” with affiliate links for every one, won’t be doing that because while I believe in some general supplements, supplements as a whole are useless. Or “How To Get A Bigger Dick/How To Get Your Hair Back” (both with using my expensive affiliate link) and the same tired old bullshit that is recycled ad infinitum. However at the same time I realize I have to write things outside of what I really want to bring in traffic and dollars.


Another thing about this side of the internet is that at this point in time and political client saying thought crimes like “All men aren’t evil”, “Masculinity is good”, and “Women aren’t perfect” pretty much pigeon holes you and prevents you from expanding far. As much as it sucks for the time being being part of the red pill is going to keep you from going mainstream. Someone who reveals themselves to be red pill pretty much guarantees that they’re total net worth will never be over a couple million.

Personally I think it’d be foolish to throw all your cards behind such a small niche. Think about the self-improvement niche (and true self-improvement not buy my 500$ course where I tell how just for existing you’re a “badass”) how small it is. Now think about the men’s self-improvement niche even smaller. Now the red pill men’s self-improvement list. Incredibly small. By staying anonymous I can provide all the advice and help to men the same as if I used my picture while still going big in the world (where I can then funnel money to expand this site and support the “cause” of men’s self-improvement).


My point is you have to take the market for what it is not what you want it to be. If you own a business give the people what they want not what you want them to want. Understand human psychology and stop trying to change it as a whole. That’s an exercise in futility if there ever was one. Give the people what they want so you can make a living. Then write a blog or publish books about how you truly feel and your real advice. That’s what you have to do for now. Understand what the masses want and give it to them, you’ll make lots of money. Another way of putting this is give people what they want so that you can then give them what they need.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge